Hot Sale SENFENG Fiber Laser Welder


Laser welding machine is to radiate high-intensity laser beam to the metal surface, and melt the metal through the interaction between laser and metal to form welding. Laser welding has high energy density and small laser spot diameter. Its energy …

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Advantages of High Speed Laser Cladding Machine

laser cladding machine

Electroplating is a widely used metal surface repair technology. As a basic industrial technology, electroplating involves various fields of the national economy and is used to enhance the wear and corrosion resistance of the surface of metal parts. …

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Laser Solutions in Bridge Construction

Senfeng Laser-Best Chinese Laser Cutting Machine Supplier

The word bridge is interpreted in the dictionary as a structure erected on rivers, lakes, and seas to allow vehicles and pedestrians to pass smoothly. With the rapid development of laser technology, laser process has been widely used …

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