Wrought vs Cast Iron: What is the difference?

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Iron is one of the most important building materials in the world, allowing the rapid growth of humankind. We know about the common alloys with carbon to make steel, but what different types of cast Iron are there? …

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Vacuum Casting Material Selection: Find the Best Resin

vacuum casting plastic parts

Vacuum casting, also known as urethane casting or polyurethane casting is a versatile manufacturing process primarily used for highly accurate and detailed prototypes or parts in small batches. It involves pouring liquid material into a silicone mold under …

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5%-10% Discount on Purchases from Today until Feb 29th

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The CNC press brake stands as a cornerstone of versatility, allowing us to bend and form metal sheets with remarkable accuracy. Whether crafting intricate components for aerospace applications or fabricating sturdy structural elements for construction projects, this machine …

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When To Choose Horizontal Over Vertical Machining

when to choose horizontal over vertical machining.jpg

The choice between horizontal and vertical machining can significantly impact the efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness of your metalworking operations. Explore factors that affect your decision regarding when to choose horizontal over vertical machining. Horizontal vs. Vertical Machining Centers …

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Why Choose Vacuum Casting for Medical Devices

vacuum casting for medical devices

In the medical field, when developing new products, precision, material compatibility and time are crucial. There, you need a method that supports medical-grade materials and produces quick results. One method that fulfills this criterion is vacuum casting. This …

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IMATECH 2024 | Meet SENFENG in Türkiye

IMATECH 2024 | Meet SENFENG in Türkiye

Exhibition Name: IMATECH  2024 Time:FEB. 22-25, 2024 Add: Zafer Mah. 840 Sk. Fuar Alanı No:2 Gaziemir / İzmir SENFENG Booth: A126 Let’s connect at lMATECH in Hall A. Booth A-126! WhatsApp:+ 86 132 1054 6543 Source link: https://www.sfcnclaser.com/imatech-2024-meet-senfeng-in-turkey.html

MECSPE 2024 | Meet SENFENG in Italy


Exhibition Name: MECSPE 2024 Time: Mar. 6-8, 2024 Add: BolognaFiere – Viale della Fiera, 20, 40128 Bologna BO SENFENG Booth: Hall – 16   B76 SENFENG is thrilled to announce our participation in MECSPE 2024 at BolognaFiere on …

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