XT Precision Laser Cutting Machine strives for excellence within a millimeter!

XT Precision Laser Cutting Machine strives for excellence within a millimeter!

Unique optical design

Focused high-energy laser beam

Higher precision positioning

Refined graphics for efficient response

Release higher production capacity

√ Ultra high cutting accuracy √ Linear motor drive

√ Integrated design √ High rigidity marble countertop

√ Excellent human-computer interaction experience √ Full surround security protection

AL6060 Linear Motor Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Linear motor control

Higher control accuracy

Can achieve reciprocating linear motion

Higher feed speed and acceleration

Longer service life

Small volume giant energy

Fully enclosed integrated design

Smaller footprint

Safe and reliable use process

Stronger performance

High quality light source cutting without burrs

Fine spot and stable power

Accurate to millimeter level

High photoelectric conversion rate

The incision is smooth and does not require secondary processing

Real time control of operating status

Bus based front-end CNC system

Supports formats such as G files, DXF, PLT, ENG, etc

Real time display of processing progress

Refined control of production process

One second response stability control precision cutting

Lightweight aluminum beam design

Light weight and high rigidity

Showcasing excellent dynamic performance

Multiple application materials

One machine complete

The upgraded control system and transmission system are suitable for efficient cutting of multiple varieties and batches, and are applied to various industries such as cutting and manufacturing of metal parts, precious metal processing, sheet metal processing, advertising sign word production, production of high and low voltage electrical cabinets, and various manufacturing and processing of automobiles.

technical parameter

Sample display

Multiple processing requirements

Ultra high cost-effectiveness

Value added full grid

Traditional processing mode

Single cutting mode

Difficulty in mass production

Low level of intelligence

Accuracy not up to standard

XT Laser 6060 Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Intelligent operation, batch processing, and labor saving

Wide application range, high precision and efficiency in processing

Narrow cutting seam, no burrs or slag, no need for secondary processing

Craftsmanship Manufacturing and Intelligent Control Upgrade

One machine can cut multiple powerful pieces

Meet your high standard processing needs

One click to improve production efficiency

XT Laser

Make manufacturing smarter and more efficient

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