XT Automatic Loading and Unloading Laser Plate Cutting Machine is a batch fast cutting and reputable choice!

XT Automatic Loading and Unloading Laser Plate Cutting Machine

Stable quality bed

Professional intelligent system

Efficient cutting efficiency

Outstanding cutting effect

Dual experience of speed and intelligence

Create a striking and powerful appearance

Replacing manual automation upgrades

The XT Automatic Loading and Unloading Laser Plate Cutting Machine, combined with a fully automatic loading and unloading system, achieves uninterrupted automation of a series of production processes such as material outbound, automatic loading, laser cutting, automatic unloading, and warehousing, meeting the automation needs of medium and large batches of plates. Accompanied by intelligent cutting equipment, it achieves seamless connection between hardware and software on both sides.

·Intelligent detection

Prevent simultaneous loading and loading of multiple sheets during operation

·Digital homework

Safe handling to prevent scratches on the board, resulting in better finished product quality

·No need for manual attendance

Configure remote monitoring function, and real-time grasp of machine operation status

Full process, fully automated and efficient collaboration, with the advantages of optimizing production processes, reducing equipment standby time, reducing labor costs, improving site utilization, and improving production efficiency, providing customers with a one-stop solution for laser cutting, laying the foundation for the intelligent and digital upgrading of enterprise workshops.

Fearless Thick Plate Cutting Infinite

Adopting a fully enclosed external protection design, high-precision servo motor, and high-precision transmission mechanism. High quality laser, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, low electrical energy loss, overall lightweight design, split modular design, flexible disassembly and assembly, with ultra-high performance, ultra-high efficiency, and ultra-high production capacity, demonstrating the strongest voice of laser technology empowering the metal processing industry, and casting a solid foundation for future smart factories.

·Aluminum profile gantry crossbeam structure

Aluminum crossbeam formed based on rigid flexible coupling analysis, with small inertia during high-speed operation and precise cutting control

·Intelligent autofocus laser head

The focus can be automatically adjusted by induction, and different focusing lenses can be quickly replaced to meet the cutting needs of plates with different thicknesses

·Double layer pull exchange workbench

Flexible transmission, high exchange frequency, stable and durable, capable of uninterrupted operation

Outline the myriad forms

Interpreting the Essence of Seiko

XT follows the light and moves forward

Sharpen the Blade with Innovation and Advanced Technology

With the heart of quality, comprehensively assist in manufacturing acceleration

Continuously exert oneself, fight bravely, and build a reputation for quality

Achieving Double Leaps in Quality and Speed

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