Why Use Sheet Metal Laser Cutter Do Metal Words Business

The metal words are popular for it’s bright colors, eye-catching effects, high temperature resistance, not easy to fade, rainproof, fireproof, and spontaneous combustion. The products cut by sheet metal fiber laser cutter with high precision to meet customer demand.

Metal words are usually made of stainless steel, titanium, copper, etc. Its production processes are generally divided into two ways. The products are rough made by traditional 3D edges and the literal welding and polishing, and they are generally suitable for signs with low technical requirements. It is limited by the processing precision and can’t reflect the beauty of Chinese characters. Fiber laser cutting machine can completely avoid such problems. You can cut fonts of various shapes according to the drawings provided by the customer. You only need to import the production pictures of the metal words into the software, and get the desired shape and effect without the need for a second time processing.

Therefore, use metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine can effectively improve processing efficiency and develop new products, which can save time and respond to the rapidly changing needs of the advertising industry.

 sheet metal laser cutter

Metal material processing by SENFENG sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine with powerful cutting ability, high cutting speed, ultra-high stability, high-quality processing, extremely low operating cost and high adaptability. And we have powerful independent research and development team of fiber laser, the laser device developed by SENFENG LEIMING laser ranges from 750W to 6KW, with higher electro-optical conversion efficiency and stable output power. 

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