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Nowadays, welding by fiber laser welder is an advanced processing method, it is widely used in metal kitchenware, metal railings, metal parts and so on. And it mainly has the characteristics of smooth sealing, no need to polish, firm and beautiful solder joints!

Advantages of fiber laser welding machine 

1. Strong welding seam, high temperature heat source and full absorption of non-metallic components produce purification effect.

2. Direct welding, without consumables, reduces the impurity content, no electrode or filler wire is needed in the welding process, and the melting zone is less polluted.

3. Precise control system, because the focus spot of laser welder is very small, the welding seam can be positioned with high precision, and the beam is easy to transmit and control. No direct contact with the object during welding processing , which can significantly reduce the auxiliary time of shutdown, and has high production efficiency and no inertia.

4.With good ratio of depth to width, the weld is deep and narrow, and the weld seam is bright and beautiful.

5. Small heat input: due to high power density, the melting process is extremely fast, so it has very low heat input of the workpiece, fast welding speed, small thermal deformation and also small heat affected zone.

6. High compactness: during the weld formation process, the molten pool is constantly stirred, and the gas is easy to come out, resulting in the formation of penetration weld without porosity.

7. Because of the low average heat input and high machining accuracy, there is no need for secondary processing, which can effectively reduce the reprocessing cost. In addition, the operation cost of laser welding machine is low, so the cost of workpiece can be reduced.


To sum up, fiber laser welding is a new welding method, fiber laser welder mainly for thin-walled materials, precision parts welding advantages. Welding in the process industry is also more and more obvious characteristics, and with the development of the laser welding technology, it will have a more and more widely application!


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