Why is CNC widely used in CNC bending machines at present

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the pace of life is also accelerating, metal bending products enterprises use more and more CNC bending machine, why is this situation? This may be the current existence of many people doubt, in view of this problem, today’s Xiaobian to talk to you.


1, the use of CNC bending machines is safe and reliable, the production speed is fast, the product bending molding without deformation, high precision;

2, widely applicable occupation, bending machine numerical control is now widely used in auto parts, kitchen hardware, wire technology, supermarket shelves, garden tools, furniture seats and other types of high precision accessories field;

3, reduce labor, reduce costs, like once 30 workers to do the work, now as long as a bending machine CNC equipment can be done, and the whole process only needs one person to operate;

4, for the durable use and simple maintenance function and planning, taking into account the high precision, in addition to enable you to adjust the function at the beginning of easy to calibrate wire at the same time can experience its stability in the long-term production process;

5, CNC bending machine wire feeding selection of automatic wire feeding, wire feeding stability, especially in the production of small diameter reflects its high precision and linear stability;

6. The smooth system uses continuous continuous oil supply, so that every gear of the spindle can be smooth, which greatly increases the service life and accuracy of the gear;

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