Why Choose Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Welding is an important part of metal processing, from aircraft and ships to all kinds of hardware products, all of them use welding technology. There are new welding requirements in the new era, the new processes and new tools are needed to meet these requirements. Hand-held fiber laser welding machine is a new model in the welding field. Its advantages and performance have been unanimously recognized by many manufacturers.

Fiber Laser Welding Machine

High production efficiency: The fiber laser welder with high processing speed, it is 2-10 times faster than the traditional welding. Also the penetration depth is relatively deep, and the laser welding work with high success rate, the speed.

Safer and environmentally friendly: laser welding is and environmentally friendly. Traditional argon arc welding will produce a large amount of welding dust and scum, which is more harmful to the environment, while hand-held fiber laser welding machine is relatively less harmful to the environment.

Easy operate: the hand-held welding head is light and flexible, easy to operate, suitable for welding of various angles and shapes, easy to use and operate,the machine is small size, integrated industrial design, flexible and light, easy indoor and outdoor work. 

Good performance: the heat affected area is small during welding, the workpiece has no deformation, no welding scars, the welding is firm, smooth and beautiful, and the subsequent polishing process is reduced.

Widely used in different metal: stainless steel plates, iron plates, brass and other metal materials can be welded.

Low labor cost: Taking argon arc welding as an example, argon arc welding requires mature welders, while hand-held laser welder requires only ordinary operators. The annual labor cost of a mature welder is higher than ordinary operators. In addition, argon arc welding generally requires polishing after welding, while hand-held laser welding almost does not require polishing, or only slightly polishing, which saves part of the labor cost of the polishing worker.

Hand-held fiber laser welding machines are used in the welding of sheet metal, chassis, water tanks, power distribution boxes and other cabinets, cabinets, kitchens and bathrooms, stainless steel door and window guardrails, advertising signs, craft products, battery components, steel furniture, shelves and other fields.

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