Why Choose 10KW+ High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

In recent years, high power fiber laser cutting machine has become a hot topic in the field of laser cutting process. Many enterprises continue to launch optical fiber laser cutting equipment above 10KW. For the sheet metal processing industry, the birth of high power laser cutting equipment has greatly improved the thickness and efficiency of sheet metal cutting. The emergence of this high power laser cutter constantly breaks the limit of material cutting thickness. The resulting reduction in the price of processing thick plates forms a good cycle and promotes the further expansion of the application field of laser cutting.

fiber laser cutting machine

SENFENG LEIMING laser started in 2004 and has a large number of laser technologies, especially in terms of cutting thickness and cutting speed, ranking the advanced position in the metal laser cutting industry. The high power laser cutting machine launched by SENFENG LEIMING laser has its unique advantages in cutting thick metal plates.  

In the field of modern industrial manufacturing, the requirements for the cutting thickness of metal plates are higher and higher. High power fiber laser cutting equipment has been widely used in the field of metal processing. Laser cutting has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and high quality. However, there are still many technical difficulties in thick plate cutting. With the increase of plate thickness, the cutting speed and cutting quality will decline. At the same time, the requirements for the stability, anti burning ability and dust removal ability of the cutting machine will increase accordingly.

On the other hand, the high-power laser cutting head is the core component to ensure cutting stability under the condition of high-power continuous operation. It has the following characteristics: 1. The high-power cutting head has a cooling system with better sealing and more sufficient cooling, a wider range of focus and high-temperature resistant lenses. 2. Under the influence of high-power thermal lens effect, the beam will have focus drift when the cutting head works for a long time. In order to overcome the problem of focus drift, the high-power cutting head adopts a new gas path design structure and replaces the nozzle with a new structure, so as to improve the cutting speed and cutting stability.

As a very ideal processing method in cutting processing, laser cutting represents the development direction of modern metal processing technology. At present, high-power laser cutting machine is also carrying out key technology research and development in the fields of high speed, high precision, large format, three-dimensional cutting and special material cutting, so as to promote the technical development of high-power laser cutting to meet the growing market demand.

When choosing high-power laser cutting equipment, some enterprises need to consider carefully: in addition to cutting speed and accuracy, we must check the stability and consistency of full power continuous cutting, speed matching ability of machine tools, advanced quality of machine tools and precision life. We can’t simply compare the price factors like buying low power laser cutting equipment. High power means high investment, and high investment implies high risk. When entering this high return market, enterprises must recognize its risk.

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