Why are laser cutters so popular? How much does it cost? What are the processing advantages?

Why are laser cutters so popular? How much does it cost? What are the processing advantages?
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Fiber laser cutting machine, also known as laser cutting machine or metal laser cutting machine, is a combination of advanced laser cutting technology and CNC system composed of efficient, intelligent, environmentally friendly, practical and reliable metal processing equipment. So how much does it cost to buy a laser cutting machine? What are the advantages of laser cutting machine equipment?
First, buy a laser cutting machine to spend how much money?
Laser cutting machine has many types and models, but different series and models of laser cutting machine price is different, so the price of laser cutting machine should be analyzed according to specific problems. To consider the choice of equipment type and model, manufacturer technology, equipment pricing basis, market supply and demand, this is the main factor affecting the price change of equipment. It is understood that now the market to buy a laser cutting machine requires hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, users can choose the equipment according to their needs.
Second, the processing principle of laser cutting machine
Laser cutting output one of the thermal cutting methods, mainly the use of focused high power density laser irradiation of the workpiece, the irradiated material is rapidly vaporized, melted, ablated, with the help of high-speed air flow coaxial with the beam, this part of the blowing away, so as to achieve the result of cutting the material.
Third, the processing advantages of laser cutting machine
1, easy to install, low maintenance costs
Laser cutting machine adopts combined structure, only need to replace the wearable and consumable parts, can reduce 30% of the use and maintenance costs. And it is easy to install and maintain, which can save users’ time.
2、 Novel structure, stable operation
The appearance and structure of the laser cutting machine is simple and atmospheric, and the production process adopts the working principle of non-contact processing, which has the advantages of low energy consumption, high output, high processing rate, reliable operation and so on.
3、 High efficiency and good cutting effect
Laser cutting machine has a unique non-contact processing, can cut various thicknesses of metal plates, tubes, curved materials, cutting effect is very good.
4、 Green and low carbon, long service life
Laser cutting machine configuration dust removal system, conducive to environmentally friendly production, in addition, wear-resistant parts such as machine tools made of high rigidity materials, can greatly reduce wear and tear and downtime, durable.
The above describes the price of laser cutting machine, processing principles and processing advantages, with the increase in demand for metal materials, laser cutting machine demand is also growing, metal materials after laser cutting machine processing workpiece can be widely used in sheet metal, manufacturing, aviation, aerospace, automotive manufacturing and other industry sectors.

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