What will Affect the Dust Removal Effect of the Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Tube laser cutting machine is mainly used to process various types of metal pipes and profiles, etc. When cutting pipes, cutting dust will continuously appear from both ends of the pipe being cut. When cutting profiles, a lot of dust is generated at the cutting head. Generally speaking, tube laser cutter manufacturers will add exhaust and dust removal pipes at both ends of the pipe, and through the continuous work of high-power exhaust fans or dust collectors, the cut dust will be sucked out. In this way, not only the cutting efficiency can be guaranteed, but the production cost can also be controlled, and the cutting dust removal effect can be improved simply and quickly.

There are many factors that affect the dust removal effect of the laser tube cutting machine, such as the inherent characteristics of the cut pipe, the choice of the chuck, and the choice of auxiliary gas.

Influence of Pipe Material Properties on Cutting Dust Removal Effect

Generally speaking, the amount of dust from cutting ordinary carbon steel pipes is more than that of pipes made of stainless steel and other materials. This is because ordinary carbon steel is easily affected by the environment, easy to rust and corrode in a short period of time, and produces a lot of dust when cutting. Moreover, when the laser tube cutting machine cuts the pipe, the surface temperature of the pipe will reach the melting point or boiling point in a very short time due to the irradiation of the spot, so that small holes are formed inside the pipe. The assist gas following the cutting spot blows away the molten material around the hole, forming dust. Most ordinary carbon steels have a high carbon content. When they are cut, most of them use oxygen as an auxiliary gas, which is easy to oxidize on the cutting surface. Although this improves the cutting efficiency, it also leads to an increase in dust. Sometimes in order to cut thicker pipes, under the condition of ensuring cutting efficiency and cutting accuracy, a high-power laser generator is generally used, which will make the dust generated during the cutting process faster and more. Therefore, when cutting pipes, try to use pipes made of stainless steel and other materials. In order to reduce costs, when carbon steel pipes have to be selected, the surface of the pipes can be derusted first, and at the same time reduce the corrosion of carbon steel pipes by oil stains and water stains.

Influence of Chuck Selection on Cutting Dust Removal Effect

Generally speaking, although the chuck at the feeding end plays the role of feeding, due to the hollowing of the pipe, the dust on the feeding chuck is easier to accumulate. Now there are two ways of dustproofing the feeding chuck: one is to improve the sealing accuracy of the chuck itself, especially to improve the sealing accuracy of the jaw slider of the feeding chuck. Good sealing performance can be maintained even if the jaws are clamped several times. The other is to place a dust removal hose at the end of the feeding chuck, connect it to the dust removal fan, and use the suction force of the dust removal fan to suck away the dust at the feeding chuck.

The clamping chuck at the cutting end, because its position is close to the cutting head, will generate a lot of dust no matter whether it is cutting normal pipe parts or special shaped parts such as profiles. This makes it easier for the clamping chuck to affect its clamping accuracy due to dust accumulation. Therefore, an air suction device will be installed near the cutting head of the clamping chuck, and a dust removal hose will also be placed behind it, and it will be connected to the dust removal fan. In this way, when the laser pipe cutting machine is working, the dust can be extracted by the dust removal fan.

Influence of Auxiliary Gas on Cutting Dust Removal Effect

The auxiliary gas in the cutting process generally uses oxygen, compressed air, nitrogen and other inert gases. When oxygen is used as auxiliary gas, oxidation reaction will occur on the surface of the pipe to improve cutting efficiency. But when cutting ordinary carbon steel pipes, it is easier to generate a lot of dust. Therefore, in the case where the processing accuracy of the parts is not high, compressed air can be used as the auxiliary gas, which can reduce the generation of dust. When other inert gases such as nitrogen are used as the auxiliary gas, the cut surface of the pipe will be thin and smooth, the amount of dust will be reduced, and the cut seam will be smaller, which is also more conducive to the cutting of special-shaped pipes, such as H-shaped steel, channel steel, angle steel and other profiles.

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