What should we pay attention to when using Hydraulic plate shears

Hydraulic plate shears can shear steel plate materials of various thickness. It is a kind of shearing equipment widely used in machining. What should we pay attention to when operating hydraulic plate shears?

1, do not operate the hydraulic shearing machine alone, should be coordinated by 2-3 people for feeding, control dimensional accuracy and material, and determine the unified command by 1 person.

2. Before work, carefully check whether the parts of the hydraulic plate shearer are normal, whether the electrical equipment is in good condition, and whether the lubrication system is smooth; Remove tools, measuring tools and other debris and corner waste placed on and around the table.

3. The belt, flywheel, gear and shaft of hydraulic plate shears must be installed with protective cover.

4, according to the specified thickness of the cutting plate, adjust the scissors clearance of the hydraulic shearing machine. Do not cut two different specifications, different materials of the board at the same time; Do not stack and cut. The shear of the board requires the surface to be flat, and is not allowed to shear the narrow board that can not be compressed.

5. The feeding finger of the hydraulic plate shears operator should be kept at least 200mm away from the mouth of the scissors, and leave the pressing device.

6. The protective fence placed on the scissor trigger shall not block the operator’s eyes and not see the cutting part. The waste generated after the operation has edges and corners, the operator should remove in time to prevent being stabbed and cut.

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