What should we pay attention to when laying out patterns on metal laser cutting machine?

The metal laser cutting machine needs to import the drawing into the program before cutting. Then the typesetting software will arrange the graphics on a board, and the equipment will perform batch processing according to the drawings. Today, Senfeng Laser will briefly introduction to what you need to pay attention to when typesetting.

1.Part spacing

Generally,when cutting thick plates and hot plates, the distance between parts should be large. The heat of thick plate and hot plate has a great influence on the cutting quality. Burning edges easily occur when cutting sharp corners and small graphics.

2.Corner melting

When cutting the corners of thin steel plates, the metal cutting laser machine usually slows down. At this time, it is easy to melt the corners due to overheating. If metal laser cutting machine cuts a small radius at the corner to maintain high-speed, melting can be avoid. Reduce cutting time and increase productivity.

3. Parts collision

In order to maximize the productivity, many laser cutting machines are equipped with unmanned automatic loading and unloading devicesIt canoperate continuously for 24 hours. Once the cutting head colliding with the finished part, the laser head will damage. Replacement of lenses and delayed production time will cause losses to producers Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the following two points when sorting:

(1) Choose a better cutting route to reduce the cutting time.

(2) Select the appropriate cutting path to bypass the finished parts, avoiding collision.

4.Laser common cut

Combine two or more parts together into a combined graphic. Large quantities of regular graphics try to share edges. It can greatly shorten the cutting time and save materials.

Scientific typesetting can not only improve the efficiency of the laser cutting machine, but also increase the utilization rate of materials. If you want to know the metal cutting laser machine price, welcome to contact us!

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