What issues need to be considered when choosing a laser cutting machine

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Laser cutting machines are actually a market with a high threshold. When purchasing equipment, one must keep their eyes open. Only by being very familiar with the purchased equipment can one buy equipment with high quality and quantity. Even bosses who have been buying and selling laser cutting machines for a long time may have a blind eye, let alone novices.

But when we first entered the industry, whether it was for the purpose of testing the industry or the fact that our funds were unable to turn around, there was a real demand for second-hand equipment. Therefore, today we will take the purchase of laser cutting machines as an example to discuss what issues should be considered when purchasing laser cutting machine equipment.

1、 Correct mindset

Don’t buy a laser cutting machine with a mindset of picking up leaks. Picking up leaks is a probability event. If you buy equipment with this mindset, you either won’t be able to meet the right equipment and delay the construction period, or you reluctantly buy equipment that is not suitable for you for the sake of profit, or you may be cheated of funds by someone using this mindset.

So the first thing we need to do when buying a laser cutting machine is to have a positive attitude, firmly believe in the truth of getting what you pay for, and be vigilant when facing equipment that is significantly lower than the market price.

2、 Verify identity

Nowadays, the development of the internet is very convenient. Before conducting on-site inspections of equipment, we can learn about the basic information of some equipment through some means.

For example, if the contract, manual, after-sales service, etc. when purchasing the equipment are accidentally lost, we can also ask the seller to take a picture of the nameplate on the body, mainly to understand the service life of the equipment and the source of the manufacturer. The service life and manufacturer’s source are closely related to the quality and service life of the equipment, and naturally also to our price.

3、 Field investigation

We can watch pictures, videos, etc. of the device through the internet, and after initial satisfaction, we need to conduct an on-site inspection to see the device with our own eyes.

First, look at the appearance of the equipment, then look at the details of the equipment, and check the degree of wear on the equipment’s parts, especially important accessories such as the cutting head, laser, motor, etc. If these important accessories have problems, they often malfunction when purchased, and the cost of repair and replacement will undoubtedly increase our costs.

4、 Startup inspection

Everything is almost done, and it is also necessary to start and test run.

Start the machine normally, add materials, observe whether the equipment is operating normally, whether there is abnormal heating or noise, and whether the production efficiency and quality meet production requirements.

5、 Signing a contract

The contract should include equipment name, model, quantity, main parameters, scope of supply, price and payment method, responsibilities of both parties, compensation method, etc. If any unpleasant events occur in the future, at least we can take legal measures to protect ourselves.

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