What is Ultra-High-Speed Laser Cladding Machines?

In recent years, laser cladding machines have developed rapidly and have been widely used in aerospace, petroleum, shipbuilding, engineering machinery and nuclear power industries. As the core technology of laser cladding equipment, laser cladding technology has gradually become one of the important supporting technologies of the national green metal additive manufacturing technology.

.What is laser cladding technology?

Laser cladding technology uses a high-energy laser beam as a heat source to cladding powder materials on the surface of parts to prepare high-performance protective coatings, thereby improving the surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties of the material. The application of laser cladding machines prolongs the use time of metal parts, improves production efficiency and product quality.

.The current dilemma of laser cladding system

At present, although the laser cladding system has a wide range of application prospects, its actual development scale is still subject to many restrictions. This is mainly based on the following two reasons: On the one hand, most of the traditional laser cladding technologies are generally low in processing efficiency. For example, in the traditional cladding process, the cladding line speed is generally 600-1000mm/min, and the cladding efficiency is generally 0.15/h. On the other hand, the traditional laser cladding machine focuses on individualized single-piece processing, which is difficult to mass-produce. In other words, metal additive manufacturing processes is currently used to the repair of metal parts. However, these metal parts have different shapes, different wear parts, and high design requirements for three-dimensional repair and fixture fixation. Therefore, customers often require individual processing of metal parts, which makes it difficult for laser metal deposition to achieve mass production.

Ⅲ. What is ultra-high-speed laser cladding equipment?

Ultra-high-speed laser cladding equipment uses semiconductor fiber output lasers or fiber lasers to output high-energy laser beams, and through precision-designed high-speed laser cladding heads and high-speed or moving speed motion mechanisms, the laser beams, powder beams, and inert gas flow are precisely combined. Therefore, part of the laser energy is used to heat the powder beam, and the other part of the laser beam that penetrates the powder beam heats the substrate.The powder is heated to a very high temperature or molten state before entering the molten pool, which shortens the time required for powder melting, so it can achieve very high cladding linear speeds (linear speeds up to 200m/min, ordinary laser cladding Maximum 2m/min). Ultra-high-speed laser cladding technology is considered to be the most competitive process that can replace electroplating technology.

.The advantages of ultra-high-speed laser cladding machine of SENFENG LEIYAN

The ultra-high-speed laser cladding machine independently developed by LEIYAN Laser company can meet the coating manufacturing and rapid repair application requirements of various specifications of shaft parts with characteristics of high efficiency, low cost, and environmental protection.

1. High laser energy conversion efficiency

The ultra-high-speed laser cladding machine adopts a self-developed high-power fiber laser equipped with a high-speed laser cladding head and a high-speed laser cladding nozzle. Compared with traditional laser cladding equipment, it has higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, lower power consumption and better beam quality. The quality of the high beam produced by the ultra-high-speed laser cladding machine is very suitable for cladding under the high-speed motion module, so that the coating has fine grains, no holes, and no cracks.

2.High cladding efficiency

The ultra-high-speed laser cladding system can achieve very high cladding efficiency through its high utilization rate of laser energy, coupled with a very high cladding line speed and a thinner cladding layer. At the same time, the laser cladding machine is equipped with a double barrel powder feeder that can realize simultaneous laser processing and powder feeding, which can meet the requirements of three-dimensional laser cladding and laser rapid prototyping.

3. High precision and stability

The powder feeder of ultra-high-speed cladding equipment of SENFENG LEIYAN uses servo motors instead of stepping motors, mass flow meters instead of float flow meters, and CNC processing powder discs, which makes the rotation speed and gas flow of the turntable in a fully closed loop. Therefore, the conveying accuracy and stability of the ultra-high-speed cladding machine of SENFENG LEIYAN is much higher than that of the same type of products.

Shandong LEIYAN Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company jointly established by Jinan SENFENG Technology Co., Ltd. and the Laser Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences, dedicated to the industrial application and promotion of laser cladding technology. The company has established a laser cladding technology research and development center, production and processing center. Based on the application requirements of a large number of domestic and foreign customers, customized development process and core equipment, with the ability to provide customers with industrial application technical services, including powder material selection, equipment configuration, process control, technical support and upgrade services. If you want to know more about laser cladding machine, please contact SENFENG.


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