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With the progress of the times, the handheld fiber laser welder has replaced the previous laser welding work form, and the fixed optical path has been replaced with a handheld welding gun. Hand-held fiber laser welding machine is currently on the market with a wide range of uses. It is also a portable laser welding equipment. It can be flexibly used in various environments. It is sensitive and convenient, breaking through the limitations of the workbench, and has a longer welding distance.There are many brands of laser welding machine on the market, but the quality is uneven and the price is also different. So what is the fiber laser welder cost? In fact, the price ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on the configuration and power to determine the manufacturer’s price.

Different configurations have different prices. Hand-held laser welding machines are mainly composed of lasers, welding heads, power supplies, chillers, pull cabinets, industrial computers, etc. These components have brand quality, which is the main reason for the price difference.

Different models have different prices. The main difference is the laser power and the welding head. At present, the most commonly used laser power is 1000W/1500W/2000W. The welding head is divided into swing head and wire feeder. These are selected according to demand, and different options will have different prices.

Different manufacturers have different prices. The laser technology, laser process, site, and labor costs used are different. The quality of the manufactured products and the welding process are different, so the price of laser welding machines will vary between different manufacturers.

Different services have different prices. When choosing a manufacturer, it is necessary to consider whether its after-sales service is comprehensive. The length of the quality assurance and the speed of the after-sales service response will directly affect the customer’s satisfaction. When choosing a affordable laser welding machines manufacturer, the laser welding machine’s warranty, after-sales service and other relevant regulations can guarantee the rights and interests of customers, so high-quality after-sales service is an important reference standard for choosing a manufacturer.

What is the maintenance cost of the handheld fiber laser welder?

After receiving the machine, the customer can use it directly. It is very easy to operate and has no installation and training costs. We can ensure that our customers can master the handheld fiber laser welder in 3 days. We also provide customers with manuals and operating videos, to ensure that the use of barrier-free process and the normal production.

The wearing parts of the hand-held fiber laser welding machine are the protective mirror and the nozzle. After purchasing the machine, we will give it as a random gift, and we will provide nozzles and protective glasses at cost prices in the future.

Compared with traditional argon arc welding, the handheld fiber laser welder does not need to use welding wire,only when the gap is larger than 1mm,the wire feed should be used.

Cost advantage of handheld fiber laser welder.

In terms of operation, operators can be trained for 3 days and be skilled in operation within one month.

In terms of efficiency, it is more than twice that of traditional welding.

In terms of technology, compared with traditional welding, the welding depth of laser can reach 3mm. In addition, the laser welding seam is smooth and delicate, which can save a lot of grinding and polishing time

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