What is Fiber Laser Cutting Machine? Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Introduction

What is Fiber Laser Cutting Machine? Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Introduction
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of laser cutting machine.
Fiber laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine, as the name suggests, the so-called fiber laser cutting machine is relying on fiber laser beams sent out by the laser for metal cutting equipment, faster than the CO2 laser cutting machine cutting speed, higher efficiency; fiber laser cutting machine photoelectricity conversion rate of more than 30%, more energy efficient than the YAG laser cutting machine more energy-saving and energy-saving (only about 8%-10%), the more obvious advantages of fiber laser cutting machine has become the mainstream of the market metal forming equipment. Fiber laser cutting machine advantages are more obvious, has become the market mainstream metal forming equipment.
Fiber laser cutting machine introduction
Fiber laser cutting machine can be in the market quickly and gradually replace the traditional cutting process, is due to its unique advantages in various aspects, the following to the new day’s G1530 fiber laser cutting machine as an example, to give you an introduction to the product characteristics and scope of application.
Product introduction:
G series fiber laser cutting machine is mainly facing the high efficiency laser cutting and processing customer base, the model adopts rack and pinion drive structure, large encircling outer sheet metal, can be widely used in a variety of sheet metal cutting.
Product features:
1. Higher productivity, excellent dust and smoke removal structure, higher safety factor.
2. The machine adopts the integral profile welding structure which has been demonstrated and verified by many CAE analyses. After annealing to eliminate internal stress and then finishing, the stress caused by welding and processing is better solved, thus improving the rigidity and stability of the equipment.
3. The gantry adopts high-strength aluminum alloy integral casting structure, which has the advantages of light weight and good dynamic response.
4. X/Y axis adopts precision helical gear transmission mechanism, which effectively ensures the precision and speed in the cutting process.
5. Imported laser, better stability and longer service life.
6. Imported fiber laser cutting head, better optical performance, more suitable for precision parts cutting.
7. excellent processing system, friendly interface, easy to operate, and real-time feedback on the processing status, to ensure the orderly processing.
Industry application:
Adapted to sheet metal processing, kitchen appliances, sheet metal chassis cabinets, lighting advertising, electrical equipment and a variety of metal products processing and other industries

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