What Are The Uses Of Perforated Sheets?

Sheet metal is an incredibly versatile material, with many uses across the industry, Perforated sheets are a variation of traditional sheet metal, with a few niche but vital applications.

We have put together this guide to allow you to understand more about perforated sheets, including where they are commonly used and how they are made.

What is perforated sheet and how is it made?

Sheet metal is a thin and flat material used across the industry, found in everything from cars to computers. Perforated sheet is this but with many holes punched in, at regular patterns.

Perforated sheet can have a few different shaped holes in it, including squares, rectangles and oblongs, but the most common type is circular holes, usually on a staggered pattern. This is done for ease of manufacture, aesthetics, and strength.

Perforated sheets are made by punching holes in regular sheet metal, this is done using either CNC-controlled or mechanically-controlled automated punching machines.

What sheet material can be perforated?

Almost any material that exists as sheet metal can be punched to produce perforated sheets, but the most commonly used are steel and aluminum. Perforated sheets can be bought in a range of thicknesses from 0.019” to 0.250” thick.

Sheet sizes typically follow the standard sheet metal sizes, but at Metal Supermarkets we can cut to any size you require.

What are the uses of using perforated sheets?

Perforated sheets find many uses across many industries, the below is far from an exhaustive list!

Automotive uses for perforated sheet

  • Exhaust baffling – perforated sheet is often used inside mufflers, to both dissipate sound waves and to allow wadding to be contained, without impeding gas flow.
  • Speaker grilles – this is typically made from thin aluminum sheets.

Construction and architectural uses of perforated sheet

  • Facades on buildings – aluminum or painted steel perforated sheet is sometimes used as a feature on the front of modern buildings, providing both an interesting design feature as well as acoustic damping.
  • As aggregate filters – Heavy perforated sheet as part of a filtration system is often used when landscaping on construction sites, allowing grading of bulk materials into particle size.

Perforated sheet used in acoustic applications

  • Acoustic panels – Perforated sheets can be used to dampen, reflect or dissipate sound waves, when installed as part of an acoustic barrier. These are usually placed on walls and ceilings of sound-critical rooms such as recording studios.
  • Acoustic equipment framework – As an integral part of a sound system, perforated sheet can enhance the performance of sound equipment, whilst providing structural support and encasement of the electronic components.

Perforated sheet in bespoke fabrications

  • Cooling and ventilation – Panels on electrical equipment are often made from perforated sheet, to allow closing off from people and objects but also allow good airflow for cooling.
  • Store displays – another use that makes the holes in the sheet a feature, some shop display designers have used perforated sheets to break up the design of a store display.

Filtration in the water & waste management industry

  • Filters and screens – the small holes in a perforated sheet and their range availability are ideal for making filters and screens. They can allow water and small particles to pass through whilst stopping larger debris.
  • Staged filtration – as the hole size and frequency are customizable, a perforated sheet can be used to produce stages of filtration, blocking smaller and smaller particles as the fluid passes through the system.

What are the benefits of using perforated sheets?


Mesh screens can be made using laser cutting, whilst this process allows more customization, it can be prohibitively expensive. A perforated sheet is an extremely economical way to allow filtration, air flow, or any of the other uses mentioned above, in an off-the-shelf package.


If bespoke shapes and sizes are needed, perforated sheets can still be processed by laser, guillotine, and press brake as regular sheet metal is. To read more about these processing methods, we have a great guide here.

A wide range of sizes for all applications

The selection of thicknesses and material options allow its use in both light and heavy-duty applications, from painted architectural or design features to corrosion-resistant filtration devices.

With the smallest available hole size being 0.063” and the largest being 2.0”, there is sure to be a type of perforated sheet to suit your needs!

At Metals Supermarket we carry both mild steel and aluminum perforated sheets, in a wide variety of thicknesses. Check them all out or find your nearest store here.

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