What are the technical upgrades of WC67K-100T3200 plate bending machine?

On the basis of in-depth understanding of customer needs and B product’s customer needs and operation habits, we created a unique patent interface of thousands of faces for plate cutting and WC67K-100T3200 bending machine. We can subdivide the control interface corresponding to work nodes and contents according to different roles and personnel, which greatly improves work efficiency and use experience. So what are the technical upgrades of the plate bending machine?

1. All debugging parameters can be seen on one page, dynamic curve monitoring, providing position information, valve group information, slider speed information, etc. Parameter modification takes effect immediately, there is no need to switch the interface and restart the system, greatly shortening the debugging time. Meet customer’s various needs, such as multi-machine linkage, security protection, robot interaction, real-time curve analysis, mold drawing editing, etc.

2, large storage capacity for customers to customize, long-term operation is unstoppable. The number of products supports a maximum of 500, the number of working steps supports a maximum of 300, the number of molds supports a maximum of 300. At the same time, the new generation of hydraulic motion control algorithm supports oil pressure closed-loop control, oil supply on demand, no overflow.

3, the use of high-performance servo platform, to ensure the rear gear material positioning accuracy, standard 6+1 axis, including intelligent algorithm, to ensure synchronous tracking accuracy, to achieve fast and accurate positioning, slider positioning accuracy 1 wire, repeated positioning accuracy of plus or minus 1 wire; The Y-axis depth position is calculated automatically according to the material and mold.

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