The Mid Atlantic Machinery Experience

At Mid Atlantic Machinery’s inception over 32 years ago, the values at which we wanted our company, team, and family to live by were carefully crafted.

We’ve led the way with:

  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Commitment to Customers
  • Constant Improvement
  • Teamwork

These values are instilled in everything we do here at Mid Atlantic Machinery so it’s no secret why we have so many happy customers who have partnered with us for long time!

We don’t usually like to toot our own horn, but we couldn’t help but share some of the feedback we’ve gotten from our wonderful customers:

The first one, comes from Brian Greenplate, CEO of Precision Cut Industries, Inc.. A little backstory… PCI had been working with us for six years prior to Brian purchasing the company in 2004.

For the over 20 years I have been running Precision Cut Industries, we have worked with Mid Atlantic Machinery. In that time, Mid Atlantic Machinery has always had cutting edge equipment that was right for our business, specifically the TRUMPF equipment. However, they have a vast catalog of offerings in which you can always find a machine tool that fits your needs. Aside from the equipment, the level of service Mid Atlantic Machinery offers is top notch and has made us more comfortable with equipment purchases. Their local service team is quick to address any issues we have.  

When we’ve looked elsewhere, we’ve always come back to Mid Atlantic Machinery. We consider the relationship much more a partnership than a customer-supplier relationship. They take a long-term view and aren’t in it to make a quick sale. They’re interested in having a customer forever. Because of Mid Atlantic Machinery’s relationship with customers, the service, the values, they are a fantastic supplier in this industry, and I recommend them to anyone.  

Brian Greenplate
Chief Executive Officer
Precision Cut Industries, Inc.

The second one comes from Eric Miller, President of Miller Fabrication Solutions.

Before partnering with Mid Atlantic Machinery, Miller Fabrication Solutions already had a couple of good partners for our machinery needs. However, Mid Atlantic Machinery has consistently stood out as one of the very best. Their approach to understanding our specific requirements during the selection process was thorough and impressive. The support we received during selection and installation was top-notch, characterized by prompt and knowledgeable assistance. From initial contact to ongoing support, Miller’s experience with Mid Atlantic Machinery has been excellent. We would highly recommend Mid Atlantic Machinery to other businesses in our industry for their professionalism and dedication.

Eric Miller
Miller Fabrication Solutions

Lastly, the third comes from Bill Sipko, Owner/President/CEO of BCL Manufacturing Incorporated out of Windber, PA.

Before partnering with Kevin Kilgallen at Mid Atlantic Machinery, we were navigating the complex landscape of machine tool technology with uncertainty. However, Mid Atlantic’s expertise and commitment to keeping us informed about the latest advancements in the field have been nothing short of exceptional. Their dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation has given us the confidence to embrace cutting-edge technology that best suits our manufacturing needs. 

What truly sets Mid Atlantic Machinery apart is their unparalleled support throughout the entire process. From the initial consultation to the installation of each machine, their team’s guidance has been invaluable. They ensured that every step of the installation process was thoroughly communicated, resulting in a seamless integration of new machinery into our operations. 

Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Mid Atlantic Machinery to anyone looking to gain a competitive edge in the manufacturing market. Their commitment to excellence and 5-star service makes them a trusted partner for success.

Bill Sipko
Plant Manager/VP of Operations
BCL Manufacturing


We strive to always deliver a WORLD CLASS buying experience and we hope one day to have your kind words featured here!

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