Turkey IMATECH 2024 | Get a Solid Start for 2024 and Beyond Exhibition Name: IMATECH 2024

Exhibition Name: IMATECH 2024

Time: Feb. 22-25, 2024

Add: Zafer Mah. 840 Sk. Fuar Alanı No:2 Gaziemir / İzmir, Turkey

SENFENG Booth: A126

According to the fair host, this Industrial Production Technologies Expo gathers most systems and technologies required by future companies, varying from metal plate machining and automation to electrical & electronic equipment, surface treatment crafts, power transmission system, cutting & welding machines and technical hardware & software products.

For SENFENG’s part, it is also the first exhibition attended in 2024. Judging from on-site achievements, our predefined goals are basically realized, laying a solid foundation for the coming market expansion all over the world.

As the No. 1 exhibition in 2024, it is held in high regard. On such 500m2 area, 4 different types of machines are showcased to offer fiber laser sheet, tube cutting and laser welding service. Machines in blue and white jump out at many visitors. On-site proofing also dispels them from misgivings about machining quality and speed. This time, models as follows are on display:

1. 3015H Series Ultra-high-power Sheet Laser Cutting Machine    12-60kW

 Main Highlights

* Max thickness of sheet: 200mm

* A flagship and stable model after tried-and-tested service and technical upgrades

* Tens of cutting crafts like perfect finish cut, traceless micro-joint, drawing import by scanning QR code

* Efficient smoke, dust and heat removal

* Double exchange platforms to synchronize cutting, loading and unloading

Context of Use

Other models are also available, which can cut over-sized, ultra-long and super-thick sheet. When it comes to thin sheet, it works as swift as lightning. For thick plate, current cutting limits have been broken through.

2. 1530G Series Economical Fully-enclosed Sheet Laser Cutting Machine   3kW

Main Highlights

* Stable cutting of ≤10mm thick metal sheet

* Working area: 3000*1500mm

* Fully-enclosed structure with smart smoke & dust removal

* Sidewise withdrawable platform (max load: 700kg) for easy loading & unloading

* Hanging operation screen that can rotate at will

 Context of Use

This affordable model is the best choice for customers who desire fully-enclosed machine but their workshop is not big enough to accommodate models with double exchange platforms.

3. SF6020T Series Ultra-high-speed Tube Laser Cutting Machine   1.5-6kW

 Main Highlights

* Max length of tube: 6000mm

* Cut round tube Φ10~220mm and square tube □10*10~150*150mm

* Self-centering chucks for ultra-short tailing

* Follow-up or reducing wheel supports

* Get CE, FDA and ETL certifications

 Context of Use

It can cut most of metal tubes available on market, including conventional and special-shaped tubes. It has been widely applied in rail transit, automobile production, construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, etc.

4. S Series Fan-cooling Handheld Laser Welding Machine 1.2-1.5kW

 Main Highlights

* New fan-cooling style, with greatly reduced machine size and weight

* Max thickness of sheet: 5mm

* Net weight: 45-55kg, footprint <0.23m2

* Handheld welding gun≤0.7kg, feel no tired after long work

* 4-in-1 functions, incl. welding, cutting, cleaning and weld seam cleaning

Context of Use

This light-weight machine is easy to carry and move. Coupled with 10m long line of welding gun, outdoor work is made possible. We are more inclined to recommend this new machine to small-sized enterprises even individual shops.

After years of effort, we are always confident of Turkish and Asian market. As global competition is increasingly fierce in machinery industry, SENFENG believes that gaining more trust from worldwide customers mainly depends on technical innovation and first-rate service before, during and after sales. In 2024 and beyond, all of us will continue to prove ourselves by raising machine quality, and never live up to their supports!

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