Top 5 Press Brake Machines in 2023

Press brake machines are a thing of beauty. They are primarily used in parts production, where several sheets of metal are bent to get the desired outcome. Today, the debate is going on between the good old hydraulic press machines and electronic press machines regarding their efficiency and economy in the industry. While hydraulic press machines are preferred by traditionalists, they lack modernity in terms of maintenance and environmental causes.

Electronic press machines are garnering rounds of applause, and all for the right reasons. They require less power for the same output, the CNC control on the electronic press brake is easy, and they are also easy to set up and configure. The best thing about the electronic press brake is that it turns off its motor once the work is done.

This means you can save plenty of energy and money and increase the profitability of your business. All these praises heaped for electronic brakes don’t mean that hydraulic press brakes are far behind. In certain aspects, hydraulic press brakes are still preferred by many. The primary reason is that most of the workforce today is trained in the efficient use of hydraulic brakes only.

Therefore, the manufacturers get the desired output due to the efficiency of the skilled employees. Additionally, hydraulic press brakes generate enough output to bend materials that are thicker than 6 mm. This means that they can be used to carve out parts for niche industries too.

To summarize, both press technologies have their advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately everything boils down to the requirement of your facility. In furtherance of this debate, we will now talk about the top 5 press brake manufacturers in 2023 so you know who’s the best in business before you make a purchase.


You cannot really go wrong with an Amada press brake because they are simply impeccable. Amada is a Japanese company founded in 1946 with a long history of metal processing. The press brakes by Amada are known to have a high speed with precision.

Additionally, the power consumption on the Amada press brake is quite low, so you can reduce your carbon footprint too. What makes Amada credible is the robust design they provide, along with other high-quality metal processing products.

Further, you get top-notch software support with Amada, which is hard to come by today. Lastly, if you want good technical support in times of need, you must go with Amada because they excel in customer satisfaction.


Trumpf press brake manufacturers come from the land of Mercedes and BMW, which already assigns them a high value. These German press brakes have extremely high precision with speed, which makes them quite desirable. Trumpf is a leading manufacturer in the electronic press brake industry, and they make some gorgeous-looking machines.

Additionally, you can also go to Trumpf for all your power tool needs. However, just like any other German-engineered product, the price tag of Trumpf is quite high. Therefore, you must calculate your value for money before making a decision.


Accurpress is a Canadian press brake machines manufacturing company that specializes in power tools with high tonnage. Accurpress was established in 1973, which makes them a veteran in the industry.

Accurpress machines work on a hybrid model, which means they are part electronic and part hybrid. So, if you want to experience the best of both worlds, you must go to Accurpress without hesitation. Moreover, the CNC setup you get with Accurpress is very seamless.


Bystronic is a swiss press brake manufacturer that was established in 1964. This means that they have refined the art of producing efficient press brake machines.

Additionally, Bystronic is also known for its laser cutting machines and other such metal processing tools. However, Bystronic press brakes are not ideal for high tonnage requirements. So, if you have a small to medium requirement, Bystronic is your best bet.


Durma press brake manufacturers are located in Turkey. They were established in 1956, which means they are second to only Amada in terms of seniority. Durma produces high-quality machines that deliver accurate parts at high-speed.

Moreover, Durma press brakes are known to have low maintenance and operational costs. So, if your facility has limited employees, go for Durma press brakes. Additionally, Durma manufacturers are a reliable source for other metal processing needs.


Press brakes machines in 2023 come with good software support to improve precision. Therefore, when you research the best press brake for your facility, take into account the software interface and see if your employees are skilled enough to get a hold of it with limited training. If a press brake comes with a sophisticated software tool that requires proper training, it’s not advised to go for it because you will end up increasing your cost.

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