Top 5 Benefits of using CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

Precision cutting is the need of most industries today. A lot of manufacturers rely on accurate cuts and severance for efficiency. Hence, powerful and efficient cutting tools are the need of the hour. Water jet cutting machines have a proven record of cutting seamlessly through fabrics and carbon fiber objects with microscopic details.

Additionally, high-stake industries like aerospace, pharma, automobile, etc., derive their profitability from custom-cutting. These custom-cut items are high-quality and top-grade, which ultimately helps companies compete in a fierce market.

Moreover, regulatory restrictions and compliances are no joke. In order to maintain the legal substance, some industries have a very negligible margin of error. Thus, they require high-grade tools like water jet cutting machines to deliver the required assignment.

Water jet cutting machine has disrupted the market and is expected to grow exponentially in the coming decade. If you are yet to familiarize yourself with this technology, here is an article listing down the benefits of a water jet cutting machine.


Versatility, or the range of materials that a water jet cutting machine can go through, is the strongest suit. If you work on a variety of materials, water jet-cutting machines are your best bet. The machine setting can be adjusted according to the durability, strength, and conductivity rating.

Among metals, waterjet machines can easily cut through aluminum, titanium, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. Among natural substances, glass, stone, etc., can be cut by using a vacuum and low-pressure setting on the waterjet machine. Similarly, a variety of settings are available on these machines to provide precision cuts on plastic, rubber, and other composite substances.

Material thickness

Material thickness is not an issue for waterjet machines. Thicker materials can easily be pierced through by these machines by using a needle-like stream. The primary advantage of this feature is the reduction in manufacturing costs.

You can get rid of the specialized machinery for thicker materials, thereby saving cost and floor space. Additionally, waterjet machines don’t lose efficiency with thickness like other cutting tools because with these machines, and you can adjust the stream according to your needs and requirements.


From a purely business point of view, your concern should be to reduce working costs in any way possible. This is where waterjet machines come in. The cost of setting up is low, and the tool fixtures are fairly simple too. Additionally, this setup cost is relatively lower compared to other industry-grade cutting tools available in the market.

Moreover, waterjet machines are faster than traditional cutting tools, which means you can increase your production by shelling out cut-outs more quicker. Now, let’s come to the best part of cost-effectiveness. Waterjet machines have eliminated the need for edge cleanup. Thus, parts are ready-to-use as soon as they come out of the process. This means that you will save a fortune on redundant labor costs.

Variety of methods

Waterjet machines are not limited to unilateral cutting methods. You can adjust the setting depending on the material you are working with. Here are some of the cutting methods that make waterjet machines very efficient:

  • Pure water cutting: This method is ideal for fabrics for garments and other soft materials.
  • Abrasive water cutting: In this method, you can mix hard materials in powdery form with water to act as abrasive agents. You can use this method to cut through metals, marbles, etc.
  • Low-Pressure piercing: This method uses low-water pressure so that the material doesn’t crack. It is ideal if you are working with brittle materials like glass, ceramics, etc.
  • Dwell Piercing: Dwell piercing is an innovative solution to cut through thick materials. In this method, the water stream moves rapidly over a short distance to drill a hole.

Edge Quality

The edge quality you get on the finished product with waterjet cutting machines is unmatched. The end products won’t have burn marks, cracking, etc. Additionally, the material’s tensile strength remains unchanged because there are no heat-affected zones that could change the molecular composition of the material.


In this article, we have listed the top 5 advantages of using waterjet cutting machines to make your choice easier. This is the future of precision cutting, and if you want to improve profitability and efficiency, you shouldn’t miss out on this.

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