Top 5 automatic panel bending machine manufacturer

At present, there are manual bending machines, hydraulic bending machines, and electro-hydraulic servo bending machines on the market. Have you ever heard of electric servo automatic  panel bending machines?The automatic panel bending machine is high degree of automation, simple operation, no need to replace the upper and lower mold, save time.However, there are not many manufacturers that produce this bending machine. Next, I will introduce top 5 manufacturers.

1.Trumpf bending machine

There is no doubt that TRUMPF is the best metal sheet bending machine manufacturer in the world. It produces the highest degree of automation and of course the highest price.

trumpfbending machine

2.Senfeng automatic panel bender

Senfeng is a leading chinese manufacturer,the automatic panel bending center produced by senfeng is 100% electric servo,which has many advantages vs the traditional bending machines:

  • The 100% electric servo bending machine saves about 80%;

  • Environmental protection and pollution-free

  • 100% electric servo bending machine does not use hydraulic oil, there is no trouble of replacing hydraulic oil, dismantling hydraulic components, and there is no hydraulic oil leakage during replacement, dismantling and daily system, and there is no waste oil treatment and pollution;

  • The slide speed is fast and the production efficiency is high.


3.Salvagnini bending machine


4.RAS bending machine


5.Prima bending machine


The above 5 automatic sheet bending machine manufacturers have their own features,you can enjoy a competitive price to buy senfeng automatic panel bender,if you want to learn more information about it,just contact senfeng or chat by whatsapp:+86-13210546543

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