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Remaining competitive on a global scale can be a difficult task for metal fabrication shops facing the troubling realities of the labor shortage and rising material costs. Of those shops, it becomes even more difficult for those who have not had the opportunity to introduce automation to their process.

While “measure once, cut twice” is a well-known industry phrase, automation can increase the productivity and decrease the cost of any repetitive process in the manufacturing industry. TigerStop does not differ from other automation processes in that manner; however, the machine tool company stands out for their unique ability to turn any existing machine into a lean manufacturing asset.

The automated pusher material allows for a consistent measurement of raw material on the machinery that already exists within your shop. With just a few simple steps and easy to operate software packages, TigerStop offers a chance for metal fabrication shops to experience automation on machines that may not compete with the newer, CNC machines.

TigerStop offers a 30-foot maximum working length on a solid, steel roller or plastic roller table top. Some of the most frequently used applications include saws, drills, presses and ironworkers. When combined with these processes, existing machinery is automatically improved in throughput, accuracy and quality.

TigerStops maintain a repeatable accuracy within 0.004 inches, significantly reducing raw material waste. Moreover, the automated pusher allows for a near continuous cycle of material and offering very little down time. This effective combination of material and time significantly decreases the cost per part and increases your profit.

Offering six different softwares, TigerStop has created a completely versatile machine that can be customized to fit the unique needs of any shop. However, all of the 783,820,800 different machine configurations are easy to operate. Unskilled operators can be trained on the TigerStop in under 10 minutes.

Regardless of your shop’s advancements, TigerStop has proven itself as a premiere choice for any metal fabricator looking to transition from all manual machinery to automated options without the price tag of replacing all of their machinery. The low-cost option packs a quality machine to provide fabricators with shop advancements designed to make their product more competitive.

Mid Atlantic Machinery offers TigerStop demos for those interested in learning more about the features and capabilities of the machine. To learn more or to request a quote, check out our Featured Brand page “TigerStop Fabrication Equipment Distributor“!  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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