Three Spindle CNC Router Machine Carving & Cutting Wood

This three process CNC router machine is for our Morocco customer, he came to our factory for checking his machine and taken the test video.

Features of Three Spindle CNC Router Machine for Wood Carving & Cutting

1. It adopts imported linear square guide rails and double-row four-row ball sliders, which have large load-bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision and long service life. The imported ball screw has high precision and the cutting knife is accurate. The design is more user-friendly, and the unique intelligent budget rule is adopted to give full play to the potential of the motor, realize high-speed machining, synchronize curves and lines, make curves more perfect, do not occupy computer memory, and can realize automatic start and stop of cutting spindle.

2. Adopt high-speed drive stepping motor and driver, and Y-axis is driven by dual motors, so that it can run at a high speed up to 22 m/min.

3. Fully automatic numerical control system, easy to upgrade and expand, large-screen display, easier operation, easier maintenance, and more humanized design.

4. The anti-interference design of software and hardware synchronization, high performance, and industrial PC motherboard ensure the reliable operation of the system. Advanced 3D intelligent prediction algorithm ensures high-speed operation and high precision of curves and straight lines. 5. Good software compatibility, compatible with various CAD and CAM design software such as type3/Artcam/Castmate/UG.

6. It has the functions of breakpoint and continuous engraving after power failure; it has the function of correcting error code files in time, and the function of automatic error correction when returning to the origin.

7. The whole machine adopts steel structure with strong rigidity and no deformation. Double nut anti-backlash screw and guide rail ensure high-speed operation and high precision.

8. High-power micro-step driver makes engraving more precise and stable. High-frequency water-cooled spindle motor and replaceable spindle design enable carving, milling and cutting.

9. The three-process woodworking engraving machine can process three workpieces at the same time, with high speed and high efficiency.

Applications of Three Spindle CNC Router Machine for Wood Carving & Cutting

1. Woodworking industry: furniture making, screens, cabinets, wooden doors and other wood carvings.

2. Advertising industry: advertising signage, logo making, acrylic cutting, blister molding, production of various materials advertising decoration products.

3. Other industries: It can be used for various hollowing out and embossing, and is widely used in the craft gift industry.

It can be applied to aluminum plate cutting industry, aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate, aluminum honeycomb plate, aluminum profile, 3D engraving process, wave plate production, various artificial plate special-shaped cutting, LED, neon light trough literal cutting, blister Light box mold making, acrylic, copper plate, PVC plate, artificial stone, MDF plate and other types of plate processing.

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