Things you might want to know about fiber laser metal cutting machine

Ⅰ.Working principle of fiber laser metal cutting machine:

It is a thermal cutting method that uses focused high-density laser beam to hit work pieces to rapidly melt the metal materials, at the same time, coaxial high speed gas blows melted matters away.

Ⅱ.In which industries does a steel laser cutting machine apply to:

Thanks to the advantages of wide application ranges, high cutting speed, narrow cutting gap, high cutting quality, smaller thermal effect area, better process flexibility, etc… metal cutting fiber laser machine from SENFENG LEIMING LASER is now being widely used in a variety of industries like

– Automobile: We all know that countless of sheet metal parts for automobile need to be fabricated. Compared with traditional cutting methods, metal fiber laser cutting machine can make up their shorts of low cutting efficiency and cutting precision.

– Cabinet making: When building power cabinet, file cabinet, etc… with thin sheet, efficiency is the most concerned factor. Metal plate cutting machine is a perfect solution for the job, which helps save labor costs and time cost significantly.

– Fitness equipment: The demand for fitness equipment is soaring as more and more people realize the importance of fitness nowadays. Therefore, tube laser cutting machine is a pretty good choice as tubes are main composition of most fit equipment.

– Kitchenware: Metal plate cutting machine is suitable for cutting thin stainless steel plate. What’s more, it makes customization come true, which is exactly most of kitchenware manufacturers are looking for.

– Metal process: Namely, fabricate a wide range of metal materials and different shapes of work pieces. In terms of cutting efficiency and cutting precision, apparently steel fiber laser cutting machine has the edge over traditional cutting machines.

Ⅲ.How to adjust focus position of fiber laser cutter for cutting metal:

Adjusting the distance between laser focus position to metal materials is always needed before cutting. Different laser focus positions will lead to different cutting performances, like roughness of cutting surface, burrs situation. For different work pieces and different metal materials, the laser focus position is different as well. Then how should we choose the correct laser focus position?

Definition of laser focus position: When laser focus position is above work piece, we call it positive focus position. On the contrary, when laser focus position is beneath work piece, we call it minus focus position.

How does focus position affect cutting performance: Changing laser focus position, namely, change the size of laser spot on metal surface, when focal length gets bigger, the laser spot will get thicker, so the cutting gap will get wider and wider, thus affect the thermal area and melted matters discharging performance.

Cutting under the circumstance of positive laser focus position:

Positive laser focus position generally applies to cutting carbon steel with oxygen. The cutting range at the bottom of work piece is bigger than that on the surface, which is good for blowing melted matters away, and is good for oxygen reaching to bottom of work piece to participant adequate oxidation reaction. During a certain of laser position range, the bigger the focal length is, the bigger the laser spot is, the smoother and more shining the cutting surface is.

For SENFENG LEIMING’s high-power(above 10kw) fiber laser cutter for cutting metal, when cutting thick stainless steel plate, positive laser focus position is adopted. Under the situation, the cutting process is stable, and it is good for blowing the melted matters away.

Cutting under the circumstance of minus laser focus position:

Namely, the laser focus position is beneath work piece, under the situation, focus position is far away from metal surface, compared with the cutting range at focus position, the cutting range on surface of work piece is bigger, at the same time, big cutting gas flow is needed and temperature should be enough.

Minus laser focus position applies to cutting stainless steel, streaks on cutting surface is even.

As to perforation before cutting, since a certain distance of height is needed to perforate, so perforation always uses minus laser focus position, which can ensure laser energy density is the biggest. Also the deeper the perforation position is, the bigger the minus laser focal length is.

Cutting under the circumstance of zero laser focus position:

Namely, the laser focus position is right on surface of work piece. Under the situation, the smoothness of cutting surface close to focus position is better, while cutting surface away from focus position is rough.

Ⅳ.Safety tips when operating metal plate laser cutting machine:

Human safety is one of the most important things for a enterprise. For steel laser cutting machine as a big precise processing machine, many customers are still not familiar with the safety operations. Jinan Senfeng Technology Co.,Ltd, as a professional metal cutting fiber laser machine manufacturer, pays much attention to human safety. Here we’d like to share some safety tips with you:

Be sure to take note of attentions on the user instruction manual before operating metal laser cutting machine

Wear necessary protective tools beforehand to avoid accidents.

Operating steel fiber laser cutting machine is only allowed after the laser source is confirmed working well.

DO NOT expose any part of your body to the optical part of laser

Cut off power when something wrong happen

In case the laser cutting machine goes wrong, it is professional technicians instead of operators who test and fix the machine.


Jinan Senfeng Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production and sales of laser cutting machines into a whole. We have not only developed advanced metal laser cutting machine, but also sold our steel laser cutting machines to more than 180 countries across the world like USA, Southern Asia, Europe, Middle east, Southern America, Africa, etc…


Ⅴ.What kind of fiber laser cutting machines do we have in senfeng leiming laser?

1.Metal plate cutting machine from 1KW to 36KW. We have both open type and closed type of steel laser cutting machines available.

2.Metal tube cutting machine: Metal tube cutting machine allows customers to deal with a variety of metal tubes including round tubes, square tubes, angle tubes, C tube, H tube, etc… Our metal tube cutting machine features high cutting efficiency and cutting precision. We also have bevel tube laser cutting machine available.

 VI.Advantages of fiber laser steel cutting machine:

1.High cutting precision and high cutting efficiency, cutting gap is narrow, thermal effect area is small, cutting surface is smooth and burr-free

2.Fiber laser cutting head doesn’t contact with metal materials, so it won’t damage work piece

3.Small thermal effect area means the deformation of work piece is extremely slight, no physical deformation

4.More flexible, can process any patterns and metals of almost all kinds, also be able to cut metal pipes and other irregular materials

5.Construction is simpler, and occupies smaller space

6.Photoelectric conversion rate is very high, cutting performance is stable, the work life of core components can be up to 100000 hours

7.Operation cost and maintenance cost are low, so companies can spent more time cutting products, which can bring more benefits.

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