There are many types of combined punching and shearing machine and their technical analysis

Combined punching and shearing machine has a variety of types and technical analysis, multi-functional punching and shearing machine, combined punching and shearing machine has a variety of types, according to its technical use and structure type, can be divided into the following categories:

First of all, multi-functional punching and shearing machine, combined punching and shearing machine, flat blade plate shearing machine has good shear quality and deformation, but large shear force and energy consumption. There are more mechanical drives. The upper and lower cutting edges of the shearing machine are parallel to each other. It is often used in hot rolling of raw billet and slab in rolling mills. It can be divided into upper cutting type and lower cutting type according to the cutting mode.

The second is the inclined blade shearing machine. The upper and lower blades of the shearing machine form an Angle, and the upper blades are generally inclined, and the inclination Angle is generally 1 ~ 6°. The shear force of the beveled shearing machine is smaller than that of the flat shearing machine, so the power of the motor and the weight of the machine are greatly reduced. It is widely used in practice, and shears manufacturers produce more such shears. According to the movement of the tool holder, the shearing machine can be divided into brake shearing machine and pendulum shearing machine.

According to the main transmission system is different, divided into hydraulic transmission and mechanical transmission.

Three, multi-functional punching shear machine/shearing machine/combined punching shear machine

1, combination punching and shearing machine, can complete the cutting of sheet metal, can also be used for cutting profiles, mainly for blanking processing.

2. Sheet metal bending shears: the shearing and bending processes can be completed on the same machine.

Four, multi-functional punching and shearing machine, special shearing machine, most of them are used together with other equipment to complete special purposes.

1. Plate cutter is used for unwinding and leveling production line. Designed to meet the requirements of fast shear production line of high speed cutting machine mainly  thick plate production line of hydraulic high-speed shearing machine and pneumatic shears sheet production line. High – speed production line equipped with flying shear, continuous production, high efficiency.

2, steel structure production line shearing machine, mainly used for Angle steel, I-steel automatic production line to complete the shearing process.

3. Cold bending forming line shearing machine, such as automobile rail cold bending line, automobile side baffle production line, color steel plate forming line and other production lines set up special shearing machine.

Combined punching shear machine and mechanical profile punching shear machine integrated punching, shearing plate Angle steel shear, profile shear and other functions, with light weight, small volume, low noise advantages, is the ideal equipment for modern machinery manufacturing industry such as: metallurgy, bridge, communication, electric power and other industries. 1. Lubrication of each transmission part should be sufficient, and each lubrication point should be refueling 2-3 times per shift; Shear tool and punching die should be intact without cracking, fastening firmly; 2, the gap between the punch and the lower die hole wall should be uniform, in line with the punching shear requirements, the lower configuration of the punch should slightly exceed the lower die hole plane; The equipment has good electrical insulation and grounding.

Before using the hydraulic punching and shearing machine, carefully check whether the various parts of the machine are complete and normal, smooth lubrication, and clean the table to ensure the flat working plane, no debris. Second, small shear machine, a single person can not operate the hydraulic punching shear machine, need more than one person to cooperate with the operation, the number of people is better at about 3 people, collaborative work, improve work efficiency and accuracy. Third, according to the steel plate of different thickness and the use of small and small shear machine, adjust the knife edge gap of the hydraulic punching shear machine, and not cut two plates of different thickness with one incision. Fourth, for the hydraulic punching and shearing machine transmission device and other fast operation parts need to install protective cover.

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