There are many advantages of eyeglass laser cutting machines

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The eyeglass frame is an important component of glasses, mainly serving to support the eyeglass lenses. A beautiful eyeglass frame can also play a beautiful role. The main materials include metal, plastic or resin, natural materials, etc. By style, it can be divided into full box, half box, frameless, and other types.

Laser cutting machines can also be used in eyewear manufacturing, mainly for processing metal eyewear frames. Due to the advantages of laser cutting machines in cutting metal plates, more and more eyewear manufacturers are choosing metal eyewear frames and fiber laser cutting machines to upgrade processing efficiency and save labor costs. The application of fiber laser cutting machines in the eyewear industry comprehensively solves the personalized needs of manufacturers for quality and market.

The traditional method of processing glasses used to use molds to make frames, which required manufacturers to create a mold for each style, which was inefficient and costly. Later, laser cutting machines were widely popularized in China, and many newly developed templates were displayed on computer software with high processing accuracy and fast speed. A laser cutting machine can quickly produce several styles of eyeglass frames, solving the problem of personalized customization, which is very suitable for the processing needs of eyeglass manufacturers.

The specialized laser cutting machine for glasses can cut any design pattern on a sheet metal, with fast speed, high accuracy, one-time forming, no need for subsequent processing, more than ten times faster than wire cutting, greatly improving processing efficiency, visual layout, tight fitting, and material saving.

There are many advantages of eyeglass laser cutting machines

In terms of processing, laser cutting machines are the core of frame production. All mirror arms and hinges are finely laser cut. Laser cutting machine plays an important role, and almost all metal materials are processed by laser. Because the shapes of the glasses frame, arms, hinges, and other parts only need to be drawn on a computer, and can be cut by laser equipment for any size or shape of accessories without the need for any mold. In addition, laser processing accuracy can reach within millimeters, and the incision is smooth. This processing method is more suitable for glasses that directly touch the human skin!

In addition, the laser cutting machine can design any shape on the sheet metal, which can be processed in one go without any subsequent processing. Compared to traditional processing, the speed has increased by more than ten times. Laser cutting machine processing can Tight junction, and does not waste materials. High quality processing has also helped eyewear manufacturers improve the efficiency of new product research and development, providing consumers with more choices and enabling eyewear manufacturers to quickly recover costs.

Customers who have a need can choose Da Zu Super Energy MPS-0606DP, which is a professional precision laser cutting machine for glasses. It has the following advantages:

1. Can cut various diagrams on flat sheets;

2. High precision, fast speed, narrow cutting seam, minimum heat affected zone, smooth cutting surface without burrs;

3. The laser cutting head will not come into contact with the material surface and will not scratch the workpiece;

4. The narrowest cutting seam, the smallest heat affected zone, minimal local deformation of the workpiece, and no mechanical deformation;

5. Good processing flexibility, capable of processing any shape;

6. Adopting CNC structure, the overall bed body has good rigidity; The guide rail adopts fully enclosed protection to reduce dust pollution;

7. The dedicated laser control system and professional CAM software are powerful, stable, easy to operate, and easy to learn.

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