The widespread application of cnc turret punch press punching machines

cnc turret punch press punching machines are widely used by many powerful domestic manufacturers due to their convenience, speed, and high accuracy. Their biggest characteristics include the following aspects.

1. The CNC punching machine is convenient to use and saves mold opening costs.

CNC turret punch press is the most vibrant product in pressure processing equipment that integrates mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic components. It is used for processing various types of metal sheet parts and can automatically complete various complex hole types and shallow drawing deep forming processes at once, (Automatically process holes of different sizes and pitches according to requirements, or use small dies to punch large circular holes, square holes, waist shaped holes, and various curved contours in a step-by-step manner. Special processes such as blinds, shallow stretching, sinking holes, flanging holes, reinforcing ribs, embossing, etc. can also be carried out.). By combining simple molds, compared to traditional stamping, a large amount of mold costs are saved. Low cost and short cycle processing can be used to produce small batches and diverse products, with a larger processing range and capability, thus adapting to market and product changes in a timely manner.

The CNC punching machine
The CNC punching machine 2

2. The machining accuracy of cnc turret punch press punching machines is high.

The CNC punching machine has high punching accuracy, small punching burrs, good workpiece flatness, less subsequent processing volume, low scrap rate, high forming quality, and the machining dimension accuracy of numerical punching can generally reach 0.1mm. The product size consistency is good.

The CNC punching machine 3

3. High production efficiency and fast delivery time.

The processing speed of cnc turret punch press punching machines is very fast, and the stroke rate of general hydraulic equipment can reach 500-600 times per minute, some even up to 900 times per minute, with a maximum positioning speed of over 100min. For large-sized sheet metal, it can be processed in one go, unlike traditional processing, which requires multiple processes and is processed on many different equipment. This reduces intermediate links, post-processing procedures, mold design, and greatly saves labor and lowers costs through simple molds and CNC integrated processing.

4. Can perform different processing such as punching and forming.

In addition to using simple small punches and rotating molds to process different shapes, cnc turret punch press punching machines can also be used for forming (such as punching blinds, converging, flipping), as well as processing threads, making them highly adaptable.

The CNC punching machine 4
The CNC punching machine 5

In summary, it can be seen that cnc turret punch press punching machines have processing advantages that cannot be replaced by other equipment, and therefore have made great development in recent years.

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