The Tube Laser Cutter in Protective Fence

With the development of science and technology, new processing techniques are constantly emerging. People’s appreciation of engineering projects is also constantly improving, and road protective fences have become a scenic line in urban construction.

The appearance quality of roads and bridge  cut by tube laser cutter is incomparable with plasma cutting products. The gap between the guardrail column hole and the tube can be less than 1mm. This greatly improves the quality and aesthetics of the entire guardrail project. 

Metal tube laser cutter is a professional machine tool that uses laser technology to cut various graphics on pipe fittings and profiles. It is a high-tech product that integrates CNC technology, laser cutting and precision machinery. Now it is the first choice for non-contact metal pipe processing industry.

 In order to meet market demand, SENFENG LASER introduced a new type of tube laser cutter. Compared with the previous tube laser cutter, it has the following advantages:

tube laser cutter

1. High precision. The positioning accuracy is ±0.03mm; the repeat positioning accuracy is ±0.03mm. 

2. Less tailings can save raw material costs. The shortest tail material of this machine can reach 20mm, which can realize “zero” tail material.

3. The heat-affected zone is small and there is almost no thermal deformation. No oxidation can produce high-quality and more consistent parts, which is particularly beneficial for subsequent automatic welding.

4. The machine can be equipped with an automatic loading and unloading system, and the cutting efficiency is high. All operations of laser cutting can be unified into the same unit as a continuous operation process, which greatly reduces the logistics time. The standard pipe length is 6 meters. The traditional processing method requires very cumbersome clamping. However the laser cutting machine can load 6 meters of tubes in a bundle, intelligent sorting, and efficient feeding. In this case, the degree of automation is high, saving labor costs and improving work efficiency.

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