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In the current metal sheet processing industries, cnc fiber laser cutter has a very high usage rate. It has good cutting effect and is deeply loved by the metal processing industries. Good equipment manufacturing technology and high-end brand accessories are the guarantee of laser cutting machine quality. There will be various problems in daily processing and production of fiber laser cutter, the more common problem is materials cutting section has saw-tooth, why does this happen? Today, SENFENG LEIMING LASER will tell you some reasons.

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1. Machine parallelism

If the parallelism of the laser cutting machine is not adjusted well, the equipment will be unstable during processing, and the processed material section will have saw-tooth.

2. Vibration of equipment

There are two kinds of vibration of fiber laser cutting machine, one is the vibration of the device itself when cutting, it will affect the cutting effect; the second is the problem of external equipment, such as the exhaust fan, water tank, placed too close, and make the equipment vibrate.

3. Rails are not installed in parallel

In some cases, guide rail mounting in the Y direction is not parallel, in this case, the cutting section may also appear saw-tooth.

4. The lens is not fixed properly

When the lens are not fixed, when the device is in operation, the lens will shake, the beam will also vibrate, and the final cut section will appear saw-tooth.

5. Slider wear

When the fiber laser cutting machine is used for a long time, some sliders will wear out, there are some foreign matters in the inner ball, which make the guide rail vibrate when running, so the problem of saw-tooth will appear after machining.

When the section saw-tooth occurred during the fiber laser cutter cutting processing, you can hold the laser head by hand to prevent it from shaking. If there is no jagged problem after holding it by hand, it must be a slider problem. If it still appears saw-tooth, then you should check the belt, gear and other accessories. If this is the case with a new machine, consider whether it is not  installed properly, or whether the control drive and the motor are not equal. SENFENG LEIMING LASER is professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, we provide 7*24 hours service mold, if you have any problems about fiber laser cutter, just contact us asap.

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