The difference between electric bending machine and hydraulic bending machine

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1. Different working methods

The working principle of the electric bending machine is to provide motivation through the motor. Drive the screw of the motor bed to drive the bending mechanism movement to complete the bending processing of the board; the hydraulic bending machine uses the hydraulic system to provide power, and the bending mechanism is driven by the cylinder to control the plate. bending.

2. Different scope of application

The electric bending machine is suitable for processing for small -batch and lightweight plates, and has the characteristics of high production efficiency and low cost. The hydraulic bending machine is suitable for processing for large, heavyweight plates, and has high accuracy and good stability. The advantages.

3. different processing effects

Although the electric bending machine is fast, its curved angle and depth of the bending depth control accuracy are not high, and they need to be adjusted according to experience and feel; while the hydraulic bending machine uses the control system to accurately control the piston movement of the oil cylinder, so it can accurately control the plate of the plate. The bending angle and the depth of bending, the processing effect is more ideal.

electric bending machine2

4. Different maintenance costs

The electric bending machine parts are relatively simple and the maintenance cost of maintenance is low. In addition to the electrical system, the hydraulic bending machine also has a hydraulic system, so the maintenance cost of maintenance should be relatively high.

In terms of purchase, people will buy the corresponding bending machine according to different needs, but in the future, pure electric bending machines will be a trend, because in the era of increasingly fast speed in the future, people will become more fast to fast. And save energy and environmental protection. Therefore, creating a new type of pure electric bending machine is also one of the future direction of Prima.​

electric bending machine3
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