The Development Trend of Localization of High Power Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Everything in today’s society is becoming faster and faster, and efficiency determines everything. Undoubtedly, efficiency is even more important in industrial production. In today’s accelerating industrialization process, fiber metal fiber laser cutting machines have undoubtedly become representatives of efficient tools, and major manufacturers have been developing towards larger scale, higher precision, and higher power. This has also led to significant development of fiber metal fiber laser cutting machines in various industrial fields, However, the high price of high-power metal fiber laser cutting machines has deterred many people.

Domestic metal fiber lasers make high-power metal fiber laser cutting machines no longer unattainable

Fiber metal fiber lasers can be divided into three levels based on their output power: low-power fiber metal fiber lasers (<100 W) are mainly used for metal fiber laser marking, drilling, precision machining, and metal carving; Medium power fiber metal fiber lasers (<1.5 kW) are mainly used for welding and cutting of metal materials, as well as for refurbishing metal surfaces; High power fiber metal fiber lasers (>1.5 kW) are mainly used for cutting thick metal plates, three-dimensional processing of special plates, etc.

The research and development of high-power fiber metal fiber lasers in China started relatively late, but developed rapidly. In 2001, the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, took the lead in conducting theoretical and experimental research on high-power fiber metal fiber laser technology in China. In 2005, it was the first to break through the kilowatt threshold and obtain a single fiber continuous metal fiber laser output of 1.05 kW. In 2009, it achieved a power output of 1.75 kW using domestically produced optical fibers.

Subsequently, multiple units such as Tsinghua University, National University of Defense Technology, and Xi’an Institute of Optics and Mechanics also achieved metal fiber laser output of kilowatts and thousands of watts.

Before independent research and development, China had long relied on imports for high-power fiber metal fiber lasers, which were expensive and had a long supply cycle.

At present, the sales of domestic kilowatt level and below fiber metal fiber lasers have overwhelmingly surpassed imported products, and prices have also significantly decreased, basically achieving nationwide mass production. However, there is still a certain gap in the industrial application of domestic high-power fiber metal fiber lasers compared to foreign countries.

With the expansion of the market and the increase in domestically developed key components, the cost of fiber metal fiber laser cutting machines will be further controlled. Fiber metal fiber laser cutting machines equipped with China Core will occupy a broader market with higher cost-effectiveness, shorter supply cycles, and faster service speeds.

It can be said that occupying the “core” technology is the key for metal fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers to win in the market, which directly benefits customers and is no longer limited by the price of high-power fiber metal fiber laser cutting machines.

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