The Development and Challenges of Laser Cladding Machine

Laser cladding machine adds cladding materials to the surface of the substrate, and then uses a high-energy density laser beam to fuse the cladding material and the surface of the substrate to form a metallurgical bonding cladding layer on the surface of the substrate. Laser cladding can achieve the effect of surface modification or repair. Therefore, in the fields of industry, energy, military, and remanufacturing, laser cladding can effectively extend the service life of production equipment.

Laser cladding technology, as a new method of partial surface treatment, has experienced decades of development and has gradually entered the actual industrial application from the laboratory research stage. As the market for laser cladding technology continues to grow in China, various industries are paying more and more attention to laser cladding. At present, laser cladding machine has the following development directions in the metal additive manufacturing field:

The Development Trend of Laser Cladding Machine

1.High Power

 At present, the power of laser cladding machine is still at the stage of 3000-6000W, which can meet the current production needs of laser cladding. However, with the development, promotion and popularization of 10,000-watt lasers, high power is bound to significantly improve the efficiency of laser cladding machines. Therefore, the laser cladding market can develop in the direction of high power such as 12000W in the future.

2.Automation and Intelligence

With the acceleration of the automation development process, the combination of laser processing system and computer numerical control technology can form high-efficiency automatic processing equipment, which opens up a broad prospect for high-quality, high-efficiency and low-cost processing and production. The automation of cladding technology should combine the design of the laser optical system with the development of high-power lasers, so as to realize the improvement of laser cladding equipment and increase the efficiency of laser cladding.


At present, laser cladding technology has achieved phased research results, but it is still in the initial stage of industrial application of laser cladding, and it still needs to face various challenges.

1. Laser Cladding Material SystemNeeds to be Built

The current laser cladding technology lacks a dedicated material system. Moreover, there is no complete and unified evaluation index for the quality evaluation of the laser cladding layer. Only by developing a new special material system for laser cladding technology and perfecting the evaluation and application standards of the cladding layer can the promotion and application of laser cladding technology be truly realized and the optimal allocation of resources can be realized.

2.Cost Issue

Although the powder cost of laser cladding technology is relatively low, the actual cost of laser cladding has always been a problem for enterprises. Most laser processing companies cannot accept laser cladding technology with high processing costs for a single product, which greatly restricts the development of laser cladding technology.

3.Application Level Needs to be Adapted to Market Demand

The theoretical and applied basic research of laser cladding technology is currently concentrated in the direction of materials science and engineering. However, as a typical manufacturing process technology, this technology is relatively weak in the application of basic research in combination with engineering objects. For example, in large-area laser cladding, cracks are prone to appear in the cladding layer, which seriously affects the engineering application of laser cladding technology. If you want to completely solve the cracking problem of cracks, you need to start from a more microscopic point of view and analyze the formation mechanism of cracks.


Although the development of laser cladding machine has not yet reached market demand, it still needs to face various challenges to realize industrialized applications. However, it is undeniable that as the country attaches importance to manufacturing, laser cladding will gain more extensive applications, and then promote the continuous development of high-end manufacturing. If you want to know more about laser cladding machine, please contact SENFENG LEIMING.


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