The characteristics of the front feeding and sheet metal hydraulic shearing machine’s rear stopper positioning device

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At present, the latest CNC sheet metal hydraulic shearing machine has automatic control of position determination, simple structure, convenient operation, and high cutting accuracy through the front feeding and rear blocking positioning devices.

The entire device includes a rear stopper positioning mechanism, a front feeding mechanism, and a control system. The feature is that the rear stopper positioning mechanism is equipped with a horizontally movable transmission component on the bracket; The transmission component is equipped with a lifting mechanism; The lifting mechanism is connected with a support frame that can rotate around the hinge axis. The support frame is equipped with a material blocking plate, and at least one positioning switch is set on the material blocking plate.

The front feeding mechanism includes a roller driven front feeding component and a pushing mechanism, and a pushing mechanism that can be lifted and horizontally moved is located above the roller driven feeding component.

The front feeding mechanism is equipped with a screw nut on the screw, which is equipped with a guide frame and a fork. A rack with a push plate at one end is set on the guide frame and can move up and down with the screw nut. The rack engages with the gear and moves horizontally under the drive of the gear. A gear shaft is arranged on the shifting fork, and a gear is arranged on the gear shaft; The sprocket driven by the driving mechanism and a tripod symmetrically arranged at both ends of the gear shaft. One corner end of the tripod is connected to the gear shaft, and the other corner end is connected to the pressing roller of the roller drive feeding component. The third corner is the fulcrum, connected to the roller frame of the roller drive feeding component.

It also includes a bracket that is matched with the front feeding mechanism for feeding. The bottom of the bracket is hinged on the roller frame, and a support arm of the bracket is located between the cutting machine and the roller drive feeding component; The other support arm is located between the two conveying rollers and is opposite to the rack of the pushing mechanism.

The rear stopper positioning mechanism is mainly composed of a screw rod, a screw nut, and a fixed plate connected to the screw nut that can move with it, and a transmission component set on the bracket. The slide rails of the lifting mechanism are symmetrically installed on the fixed plate, the landing frame is installed on the slide rails, and the top of the slide rails is equipped with bearings. The rocker shaft is installed on a bearing, and is equipped with a sprocket driven by a driving mechanism, with rocker arms connected at both ends. The other end of the rocker arm is connected to the landing frame, and the bottom of the landing frame is connected to the support frame through a hinge shaft. One side of the support frame is equipped with a material baffle. Two positioning switches are installed on the baffle plate, on the opposite side of the baffle plate; There are tension springs at both ends, which are connected between the support frame and the landing frame.

The characteristic of the front feeding and rear blocking positioning device of the sheet metal hydraulic shearing machine is its simple structure; High degree of automation and easy operation when used in conjunction with a cutting machine. In combination with the control system, automatic feeding and adjustment of the position of the material baffle have been achieved.

Moreover, the pushing of materials does not require manual operation, and within the range of meeting the cutting size of the board, the board can be fed into the sheet metal hydraulic shearing machine for cutting. High work efficiency, high utilization rate of sheet metal, and safe cutting operation. Less prone to injury accidents and low labor costs. The cutting size input into the control system can automatically adjust changes according to demand, making the positioning of the rear baffle more convenient and efficient, improving the accuracy of cutting size.

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