The Application of Laser Cutting Machine In Shipbuilding Industry

With the continuous development of shipbuilding technology, the shipbuilding industry has become an indispensable comprehensive industry in the water transportation, marine development, and defense construction industries. “precision shipbuilding” and “rapid shipbuilding” have become the main development trend of shipbuilding industry, and laser cutting technology has also developed rapidly.

In the traditional shipbuilding industry, the cutting methods of hull plate parts are mainly flame cutting, plasma cutting, shear processing and laser cutting. Other cutting methods have many disadvantages compared to laser cutting.

The Marine steel plate cut by laser has good seam quality, good verticality of cutting surface, no hanging slag, thin oxide layer, smooth surface, no need for secondary processing.

Next, Senfeng laser gives you a brief introduction to the advantages of laser cutting machine:

1. High cutting quality, reducing labor costs:

Laser cutting machine belongs to non-contact processing, no damage to the workpiece, and the cut product has no extrusion deformation,no burr, no need for secondary polishing, eliminating unnecessary processing procedures.

2. Save mold investment and reduce production cost

Laser cutting machine can be directly on a variety of hardware workpiece without mold production,which can save the use of a large number of molds, save processing costs, reduce production costs, especially suitable for the processing of large products.

3. Fast cutting speed, optimize the working environment

 Laser cutting machine cuts quickly, has low noise, no dust, does not produce chemicals harmful to humans and the environment, and reduces pollution.

4. Low maintenance cost and high cost performance

Laser cutting machine has stable performance, rugged and durable can work continuously, not easy to damage, in the late maintenance cost has a great advantage. 

At present, the shipbuilding industry is a large family of metal welding and cutting, one of the main processes involved in its manufacturing is cutting and welding. Many large shipyards have adopted laser cutting machines with large surface and thick plates, especially ships for special purposes. The shipbuilding industry is mainly based on the raw materials of steel plate, using laser cutting plate, instead of some complicated large mold processing, greatly shorten the production cycle and reduce the cost. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us.


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