The Application of Laser Cutting Machine in Metal Hollow Screen

In modern society, traditional household materials cannot cope with changing indoor temperature and humidity conditions, and it is also difficult to meet people’s aesthetic requirements. Metal materials are widely used in homes because of their unique advantages. Metal screens and metal furniture processed by laser cutting machines are increasingly integrated into people’s lives.

Metal laser cutting machine is high speed, high precision, and stable performance. Numerical control system can process complex patterns on metal plates, with high adaptability and flexibility. The combination of metal and advanced processing technology also let the metal crafts with unprecedented charm.

cnc laser cutter for metal

Like this metal hollow screen which placed at the corner of the stairs, it becomes a landscape that enhances the texture of home decoration. When the light passes through, the hollow hole becomes a still artist, making the light imitate into various shapes.

Nowadays such metal hollow screen is not rare, and the shape is more complex, material is very diverse. But this is not difficult to metal laser cutting machine. CNC metal laser cutting machine allows flexible typesetting of various patterns, making the metallic screen with fashionable design easily.

What’s more, metal laser cutting machine machining quality is better. The metallic cross section is smooth without burr. And the processing have no heat influence area, so it won’t produce deformation, assuring the appearance of metallic screen on the greatest extent is beautiful.

Metal laser cutting machine processing eliminates the traditional processing of the mold step. Not only save cost, but also effectively improve the processing efficiency.

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