The application of laser cutting in the production of sheet metal templates and drilling templates

In the construction machinery industry, for some sheet metal parts with irregular shapes, in order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of detecting the cutting parts, laser cutting machines are used to make cutting detection templates, such as the support angles on the bulldozer scarifier, the large head plates on the excavator bucket and boom, etc; For some rolled sheet forming workpieces, it is necessary to use templates that match the arc to assist in production and inspection during workpiece production and inspection. In order to improve the accuracy of workpiece production and inspection efficiency, laser cutting and cutting are usually used to produce templates for these workpieces, and the marking function of the laser cutting machine is used to mark the boundaries of the arc and straight edges on the templates, such as the arc plate of a bulldozer The bending of the excavator’s stick and boom, as well as the digging bucket

Primalaser manufacturer, as one of the domestic laser equipment brand manufacturers, with 18 years of laser technology accumulation and advanced mechanical design concepts, provides diversified product configuration choices tailored to the needs of customers in different industries.

We strive for survival through quality and development through technology. The company has comprehensively optimized the performance of 1000W-12000W products, upgraded the basic configuration of the entire machine, improved product quality and service life, and ensured high-quality and efficient cutting ability. Currently, we can stably cut medium and thin plates within the thickness range of 0.5mm-30mm. At present, our equipment is widely used in industries such as sheet metal processing, advertising production, mechanical manufacturing, furniture and home appliances, shipbuilding and environmental protection equipment.

Advantages of using fiber laser cutting machines:

1. Cutting seam fine: The cutting seam of fiber laser cutting aluminum plate is generally 0.1mm-0.2mm

2. Smooth cutting surface: The cutting surface of aluminum plate cut by fiber laser is free of burrs and slag

3. Small thermal deformation: Fiber laser cutting processing speed is fast and energy is concentrated, so the heat transmitted to the cut material is small, causing very little deformation of the material

4. Material saving: Fiber laser processing uses computer programming, and fiber laser equipment can perform material cutting on aluminum plate processing parts of different shapes, improving the material utilization rate of aluminum plates, and saving a lot of material costs. After years of practice, the application of fiber laser cutting machines in the field of metal processing has been very mature. However, in recent years, in the face of changes in the demand for processing parts, The early fiber laser cutting machines could no longer keep up with the changes of the times.

In response to such needs, Primalaser manufacturer has launched the CFD series high-power fiber laser cutting machine, which can meet the cutting needs of both aluminum and other metal materials, covering 100% of the metal material cutting needs. The imported core laser has stable performance and can solve the problems of high investment return ratio and equipment maintenance costs for growing customers.

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