The Application of Laser Cladding Machine

Laser cladding machine is widely used in many fields, including mining machinery, petrochemical industry, electric power, railway, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, aviation, machine tools, power generation, printing, packaging, mold, etc.Today, SENFENG laser show you the application of laser cladding machine.

Restore of mining equipment and its parts

Due to the bad working environment, the damage speed of parts is relatively fast. Our machine mainly engaged in laser manufacturing and re-manufacturing of coal machinery equipment parts and components, including: shearer, road-header, scraper conveyor, hydraulic support

Restore of power equipment and its components

The electric power equipment with large distribution and its operation is uninterrupted, so it with high damage rate of its part. Steam turbine is the core equipment of thermal power generation. Due to the special working conditions of high temperature and high temperature, it is necessary to repair the damaged parts of every year, such as spindle diameter, moving blade, etc.

Restore of petrochemical equipment and its components

The modern petrochemical industry basically adopts the continuous mass production mode. In the production process, the machine works in the harsh environment for a long time, which leads to the damage, corrosion and wear of the components in the equipment. There are many kinds of parts involved, and most of the shapes are complex, so it is difficult to repair them. However, due to the emergence of fiber laser cladding machine, these problems will easy solve.

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