The Application of 10kW+ Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Shipbuilding Industry

In the actual production process of ships, laser cutting and laser welding are mainly involved in two processes, which are the two most labor-consuming and cost-intensive processes in ship hull construction. In recent years, with the continuous development of shipbuilding technology, shipbuilding materials and ship design have also changed. At the same time, “precision shipbuilding” and “rapid shipbuilding” have become the main trends in the development of the shipbuilding industry. Therefore, 10kW+ laser cutting machines are rapidly popularized in the shipbuilding industry with their unique advantages.

The shipbuilding industry has high requirements for the accuracy of the hull segment transfer, and the frame transfer gap must be controlled within the range of 1mm. In the past, when shipbuilding enterprises used plasma cutting machines to cut the ribbed panel, in order to ensure the assembly gap, it was necessary to set a trimming allowance on the ribbed panel, which required manual trimming during on-site assembly. However, the quality of manual cutting is uneven, and oxides remain in the kerf, and at the same time, the assembly workload is increased, the assembly cycle is increased, and the entire segmented construction cycle is prolonged.

The application of high-power laser cutting machine perfectly solves this problem. The 10kW+ laser cutting machines can ensure the high-precision production of the workpiece, and the error of the workpiece produced by the 10kW+ laser cutting machines is within ±0.05mm. And because the high-power laser cutting machine can achieve high-speed cutting, its heat-affected zone is much smaller than that of the plasma cutting machine, which effectively improves the problem of workpiece deformation. In addition, due to the small machining error (within ± 0.05mm) of the laser cutting machine workpiece, the rib is no longer reserved for cutting excess material. This can not only save materials and reduce excess labor consumption, but also save time and shorten the manufacturing cycle of ships, which is more in line with the development trends of “precision shipbuilding” and “rapid shipbuilding”.

Compared with the previous traditional production methods (flame cutting, plasma cutting), the 10kW+ laser cutting machine has the following advantages:
1. Low processing cost, few processing steps and high efficiency
The traditional process generally includes 5 processes + 4 parts handling, while 10kW+ laser cutting machine can simplify the process into two processes: plate entry and laser cutting (laser cutting + laser beveling + laser drilling). It not only improves the processing speed and saves labor, but also greatly reduces the cost of shipbuilding. In addition, the 10kW+ laser cutting machine is very advantageous in dealing with medium and heavy plate processing. The speed is faster than traditional plasma cutting, and with the increase of power, the speed of laser cutting 10mm carbon steel plate will continue to increase. Similarly, with the increase of power, the limit cutting thickness of carbon steel plate is also increasing.

2. Flexible and intelligent production is more suitable for shipbuilding industry
Laser cutting machines and robots can help users achieve intelligent and flexible production. The 10kW+ metal sheet laser cutting machine is equipped with a hydraulic lifting auxiliary feeding mechanism and a lifting exchange platform to realize flexible feeding, fine-tuning and fast cutting of plates, and reduce non-production time. At the same time, combined with the highly intelligent CNC bus system, the 10kW+ laser cutting machine can realize the functions of changing cutting process settings, real-time monitoring of cutting status, and whole-process detection and recording of cutting data parameters. This is an important help for engineers to continuously optimize the cutting process parameters and optimize the cutting effect of the workpiece.

3. Easy to maintain, save time and effort

The light source of the fiber laser cutting machine is that the laser beam is transmitted through the optical fiber. Compared with the traditional mechanical optical path, this optical fiber transmission method is simpler, clear at a glance, and easy to maintain. Combined with the power distribution cabinet of the 10kW+ laser cutting machine, it is safe, dust-proof and anti-static, which greatly saves the time, energy and cost of maintenance.

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