The Application Industry of Laser Cleaning Technology

Laser cleaning technology is the first processing step in industrial production, which can not only effectively remove rust and dirt, but also make the surface of the substrate chemically react to form a protective layer to prevent the substrate from rusting again and improve its corrosion resistance. At present, laser cleaning technology has been applied to various fields such as military industry, industrial production, microelectronics, cultural relics protection and medical treatment.

Application in military industry

In the field of military industry, the earliest American scientists proposed to use lasers to depaint military aircraft and did related research.However, since laser equipment was expensive, large and bulky at that time, it only remained in the laboratory research stage. Later, with the development and improvement of laser cleaning equipment, it provided convenience for laser cleaning.

Application in industry

In the field of industrial production, machinery and equipment have been in service for a long time, and a large amount of oil pollution, waste paint layers, rust and carbon deposits have accumulated on the surface of parts. Use laser cleaning equipment to clean long-term service nails. The original galvanized coating on the nails is intact, but only the contaminated layers such as oil on the surface are removed.

Laser cleaning technology also plays an irreplaceable role in the rubber production industry. Due to the long service time, a large number of pollutants have been deposited on the surface of the tire mold, which has a great impact on the production accuracy. The use of laser technology can be used for “green” cleaning of the tire mold surface.

At present, China’s manufacturing industry is large but not strong, and lack core technology, especially in the field of surface treatment technology. With the development of modern intelligent manufacturing, surface treatment technology is needed as the cornerstone, and advanced technological methods are needed to fill and replace it. Laser cleaning technology, as a modern green cleaning technology, is the product of the industrial development of the new era, with the advantages of time saving, labor saving, no damage to the base material and no pollution to the environment.If you want to know more about laser cleaning technology please contact us.

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