The Advantages of Laser Cladding Machine

With the continuous improvement of enterprise equipment automation and continuity, the requirements for production efficiency are higher and higher. As a mechanical part used more in industrial production, the shaft is easy to cause shaft wear and affect production due to long-term over negative operation, poor lubrication, impurities, external force impact and other factors. Choosing laser cladding machine as a fast and effective repair method to solve the problem and reduce the maintenance cost can effectively improve the efficiency of the enterprise and ensure the maximum benefit of the enterprise.

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Traditional solutions such as repair welding or machining after surfacing, insert welding, etc. Although these methods meet the needs of production to a certain extent, they can not fundamentally solve the problem, and bury hidden dangers for safe and continuous production, such as high-temperature deformation, crack, coating falling off. At the same time, these traditional methods can not bring substantive improvement to equipment management.

Laser cladding is a process method by adding cladding materials on the surface of the substrate and melting them together with the thin layer on the surface of the substrate by using high-energy density laser beam. A surface coating with very low dilution and metallurgical combination with the basic materials is formed after solidification of the molten pool, so as to significantly improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance and electrical characteristics of the surface of the basic materials. The most important characteristics of laser cladding are heat concentration, fast heating, fast cooling and small heat affected zone. Especially for melting between different materials, it has incomparable characteristics with other heat sources. Laser additive equipment, a special machine that of fast heating and cooling, produces a special structure in the melting and casting area, and can even produce amorphous structure, especially pulse laser. This is the reason why laser cladding has no annealing and no deformation.

What are the advantages of laser cladding systems?

1. Optimize the performance of the shaft surface. An alloy coating with completely different components and properties can be formed on the shaft surface by laser cladding. Because the matrix melting layer is very thin, it has little effect on the composition of the cladding layer. We can prepare surface coatings with heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, fatigue resistance or optical, electrical and magnetic properties according to specific needs, so as to effectively improve the performance of the shaft surface.

2. High metallurgical bonding strength. In the process of laser cladding, the added cladding material completely melts, making it the subject alloy of the cladding layer.At the same time, the base alloy also has a thin layer of melting, which forms metallurgical combination with the subject alloy and is not easy to fall off, which solves the problem of poor bonding strength between the coating and the base in the cold working process such as traditional electroplating and spraying.

3. Low heat input, small deformation, rapid heating and rapid cooling of laser cladding have little impact on the substrate, which solves a series of technical problems such as inevitable thermal deformation and thermal fatigue damage in the process of traditional electric welding, argon arc welding and other thermal processing.


After cladding processing, the strength of the workpiece shall not be less than 90% of the original substrate. At the same time, laser cladding is an environmentally friendly processing method, which can realize green manufacturing and no pollution. Also, the requirements for operators are low and easy to operate. There is no need to worry about operation and after-sales. All machines purchased in our factory have after-sales technical support.


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