Teach you how to properly clean the lens panel of ametal fiber laser cutting machine

There are many types of lenses formetal fiber laser  cutting machines, such as focusing lenses, protective lenses, etc. However, optical lenses inmetal fiber laser  systems are consumables. In order to prolong their service life and reduce usage costs as much as possible, it is necessary for us to master the correct operating steps for cleaningmetal fiber laser  cutting machine lenses. Below, the Primalaser manufacturer will briefly introduce the preventive measures and operating steps for correctly cleaningmetal fiber laser  cutting machine lenses.

Preventive measures for correctly cleaningmetal fiber laser  cutting machine lenses:

1. Be sure to wear fingertips or rubber gloves to install lenses.

2. Prohibit sharp instruments to avoid scratching the surface of the lens.

3. When removing lenses, hold the edge of the lens to avoid contact with the film layer.

4. The environment for testing and cleaning lenses should be dry and tidy, and the workbench should always have several layers of cleaning paper towels and several sheets of cleaning lens cotton paper.

5. Do not speak above the lens and keep potential pollutants (such as food, beverages, etc.) away from the work environment.

The operating steps for correctly cleaning the lenses of themetal fiber laser  cutting machine:

1. Use a blowing balloon to blow off any floating objects on the surface of the original component.

2. Apply analytical pure acetone to lightly clean the lenses, and the cleaning should be completed in one go to avoid generating ripples.

3. If acetone cannot remove all the dirt, then clean with acid vinegar (diluted to 50% strength at the experimental level or household white vinegar containing 6% acetic acid).

4. When pollutants and lens damage cannot be cleaned and removed, the only way to restore good performance is to replace the lens

That’s all for the preventive measures and operation steps for correctly cleaning the lenses ofmetal fiber laser  cutting machines. If you are interested inmetal fiber laser  cutting machines, Primaser manufacturer is dedicated to providing you with technical consultation, cost analysis, sample inspection, product pre-sales and after-sales services. Welcome to contact us

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