Tandem, Tridem , and Quadrem Press Brake  for Bending Long Plates

Durmapress’ Tandem Servo CNC Press Brake utilizes an advanced servo control system to achieve precise control of the bending process. The high-speed, high-precision servo drive ensures consistency and accuracy in every bend. Innovative design increases throat depth, stroke, and daylight to enhance performance while reducing operating noise, providing users with a stronger, faster operating experience.

The Tandem Servo CNC inline press brake is equipped with an efficient tool change and alignment system that speeds up operation and increases productivity. This technology also helps to reduce production costs and achieve greater cost-effectiveness. The use of components from globally recognized and reliable brands ensures the reliability and stability of the equipment.

At the same time, the design of this press brake focuses on simplifying the maintenance and repair process, making it easier for users to maintain and repair the equipment. These features make the Tandem Servo CNC press brake a state-of-the-art, efficient, reliable, and easy-to-maintain metal processing that meets the high demands for accuracy, speed, and reliability in the modern manufacturing environment.


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