Stone ATC CNC Router for Countertop Cutting, Edge Polishing

Stone ATC CNC router machine features with fast speed, high precision, strong stability, low noise and long service life.

Automatic leveling function: It can correct the unevenness and unevenness of any stone surface. Based on the flotation of the stone surface, the software automatically generates a new program that matches the surface characteristics of the stone.

Stable bed structure: The bed adopts high-quality steel structure and double-beam design, and the gantry and worktable are respectively supported by reinforced beams. Therefore, it has the advantages of bearing load, no deformation, and high stability.

Super cutting ability: It adopts a high-power drive system, and cooperates with the stable machining of the spindle, with greater torque, more stable operation, precise and powerful cutting point. The Y-axis is synchronously driven by dual motors, which has the characteristics of high power and high stability.

The stone cutting and carving table is a T-shaped steel bracket, fully welded and vibration aged. In this way, the stable performance of the machine can be guaranteed when the machine is running at high speed, and the knife can be cut continuously to keep the production and processing surface highly smooth.

It uses high power horizontal torque spindle with large bearings. And it has high speed, a lot of chips, and it is not easy to damage the motor.

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