Steel laser cutter in medical device manufacturing field

Due to the special use environment of medical devices, people have higher requirements on their precision, safety, finish and sanitary conditions. However, in the process of metal medical equipment processing, the traditional sheet metal processing mode has great defects in these aspects. Fiber laser cutting machinewhich replaces traditional processing machine, is an inevitable trend.

First, fiber laser metal cutter can meet the medical industry’s requirements for precision, safety, and finish. It uses a high-power-density laser beam to scan the surface of the material, heating the material to thousands of degrees Celsius in a short period of time, melting or gasifying the materia. High-pressure gas melt the material that blow away in the slit to achieve the purpose of cutting material.

Second, medical devices are very different from other mechanical parts. It requires a very high precision, and have no any deviation. Cnc fiber laser metal cutter meet these processing requirements because of its computer program.

In addition, the slit of metal cutting laser machine is very narrow. The laser beam can be focused into tiny points of light, and the material is quickly heated to the point of vaporization, where evaporation forms holes. With the relative linear movement of the beam and the material, the holes will continuously form a slit with a very narrow width. The width of the incision is generally 0.1-0.2mm, which ensures the high precision of cutting.

Metal cutting laser machine is a non – contact processing machine. The cutting head will not come into contact with the surface of the processed material and not scratch the workpiece. For medical devices, surface smoothness is the basic requirement. If the process of surface polishing can be minimized, the production efficiency will be greatly improved.

SF3015H3 full cover metal laser cutting machine is a kind of high precision laser cutting machine. Its positioning accuracy is ±0.05mm/m, and the repeated positioning accuracy can up to ± 0.02mm. If you want to use it in the medical device manufacturing field, I believe this is your good choice!

full cover metal cutting laser machine

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