Steel Laser Cutter in Cutting Auto Industry

Laser cutting has become an excellent solution for metal processing projects such as auto parts. Steel laser cutter is used in many places of the car auto parts such as car doors, car brake pads, car wheels, and etc. It can not only meet the needs of production and market, but also easily adapt to the changing manufacturing needs. 

Steel sheet laser cutter combines highly concentrated energy with pressure, which enables to cut smaller and narrower material areas. Thus there will significantly reduce heat and material waste. Due to the high accuracy, steel laser cutter can create complex geometries with smoother edges and clearer cutting effects.

In the automotive industry, the amount of sheet is relatively large, and the advantages of using steel sheet laser cutter to process materials are very obvious:

First of all, the cost of laser cutting is 80% of traditional cutting.  If laser cutting is used instead of traditional die punching, a lot of die manufacturing costs can be saved.

Secondly, the laser cutting machine is more flexible when cutting medium and small batches. It meets individual needs and shortens the cycle time, especially for limited edition or privately-made vehicles.

Then the machine is controlled by computer digital, which can accurately cut complex patterns. The modification is convenient and the error is small.

Finally, the steel laser cutter has a larger processing surface, which can be cut by the whole board. This is not easy for other processing equipment.

At present, the efficiency and processing quality of laser cutting machines in domestic auto manufacturing and auto parts processing have been significantly improved.

There are many precision parts in auto. In order to improve the safety of  the quality of the cutting parts must be guaranteed. Using a steel sheet laser cutter can reduce the mechanical stress on sheet metal parts when cutting. And its heating area is very small. In this way, the rest of the workpiece is hardly affected by heat, thus retaining the characteristics of the processed material.

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