Standard Industrial press brakes are perfect for heavy load projects

Standard Industrial Press Brakes1) Standard Industrial press brakes are perfect for heavy load projects

 Standard Industrial press brakes offer many advantages – the most competitive is set-up efficiency and accuracy when it comes to large, heavy load projects.   

Standard Industrial uses a 3-point ram guidance/ gibbing system that delivers total tonnage across the bed and ram. This unique feature of Standard Industrial press brakes prevents excessive sideloads because all forces are vertical above the ram centerline within the heavy-duty press brake structure. As a result, Standard Industrial hydraulic press brakes can handle applications that need a large amount of force in mission-critical operations.

2) Eliminate Rejects and control costs

With many competitors’ press brakes, you’re likely to have many parts in the first portion of a run not up to spec. In the days when companies fabricated parts in runs of 500 or 1000, this wasn’t a big problem. But today, in an era of “just in time,” small batch manufacturing, you need to get it right the first time…or your cost per pricing skyrockets. 

That’s where Standard Industrial brakes have the edge. Combining Automec, Inc’s user-friendly press brake controllers and advanced software, operators can program a part and simulate the bending sequence before starting the actual bending process. As a result, Standard Industrial’s machine quality and precision tooling deliver bending systems with high accuracy and repeatability.   

3) Complete solutions with parts and press brake machinery made in the U.S.A.

Standard Industrial can boast it is one of the last press brake manufacturers, with 100% of its operations in the United States. In addition, you get a quality, built, and dependable precision machine that is 100% exclusively Made in the U.S.A.  

Furthermore, Standard Industrial is the only press brake manufacturer that designs and builds a complete press brake and its components in the United States. As a result, customers receive a locally made press brake solution that includes tooling controls, software, and advanced load/unload equipment, with the press brakes themselves. Hence, each press brake component gets tested as a complete system to ensure everything works flawlessly. 

Standard Industrial customers benefit from not having to worry about finding parts and can feel confident working with local companies with assurances of single-source responsibility. In addition, if a problem arises, you can make a phone call, get help on the same day, and speak with someone in technical support located in the same time zone.  

4) Versatility & Precision

Standard Industrial offers a wide selection of precision-ground tooling hardened to and built to scale. Its tooling lets you bend sheet metal into more configurations with greater precision than other press brakes. Furthermore, with Standard Industrial, press brake tooling is made in short east to handle sections, so it’s easier to set up, change, and store than other tooling.  

Because its tooling is precision-ground, you can build long sections out of short ones. Then, if an area gets damaged, you replace it rather than having to scrap a long and expensive piece of tooling. As a result, lower annual tooling expenses don’t come with a higher purchase price. Instead, tooling costs are often the same or lower, and you’ll realize substantial savings in your first year of ownership.  

5) Reduce Work Handling

Automec, Inc.’s user-friendly programming controls eliminate” trial and error” set-ups. As a result, with a Standard Industrial brake, you can go “from start to part” in minutes, which makes Standard Industrial brakes ideal for prototype production and other short runs.  

Programming also reduces the number of times an operator must pick up and set down a part, which reduces non-productive motion and operator fatigue. In addition, this programming and control efficiency increases part output and allows complex bend sequences to be done from start to finish on one press brake with high precision. 

6) Increase Productivity

The advantages listed above all add up to more productivity. Often due to reductions in work handling and set-up time, an Standard Industrial press brake will let you turn out more work in a fraction of the time. And that’s just the beginning: precise, consistent output contributes to higher productivity in subsequent operations – welding, grinding, and assembly. 

The Standard Industrial advantage shows up most dramatically on the bottom line!

7) You get a press brake warranty that is second to none! 

When you buy from Standard industrial, you get more than just a piece of machinery; you get the strength and expertise of one of the world’s most successful machine tool companies! The company backs this up with a 5-year parts warranty, unlimited lifetime telephone support, a 5-year limited onsite labor warranty, and a 1-year CNC/PLC warranty.

Standard Industrial has local factory-trained service technicians “on tap,” – so you get a fast response if you have a problem. Standard Industrial’s trained personnel will help you get the most out of your press brake. Its product specialists will consult with you regarding your particular applications.

For more reasons to buy a Standard Industrial press brake, call (781) 893-3403.

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