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Costs of Doing Business

Metal fabrication can be an expensive business to get into. It takes a bit of capital to purchase the necessary machines to be successful in the industry, but with that success come the profits that allow the machines to pay for themselves over a period of a few short years. Investing in the right machines and the right people to run them are necessary costs of doing business.

What any metal fab shop doesn’t need, however, are the added costs of equipment downtime. When a metal fabrication machine stops running, jobs for clients are delayed and otherwise productive manpower is squandered. Every fab shop needs to partner with a quality machinery service organization to get things going again when issues arise. One such source is the Service Department at Revolution Machine Tools.

 “At RMT, one thing that’s crucial is service,” says Danny Semick, RMT Sales Manager. “Our service guys can and will work 24 hours because we know downtime is important. Our job is to make sure you stay running. If someone needs something, we’re able to fine tune it, respond to the customer instantly, whether it be via the phone, or come out to your location. Whether it’s an old machine you have, a new machine you have, we’re here to help you.”

Meet the RMT Service Team

RMT Service Team
RMT Service Team

The Service Department was put in place before the first RMT machine was shipped to a customer from the factory. As the management at Revolution Machine Tools has stated, “Our goal at RMT is to ensure our customers experience smooth operations and greater return on investment by having their machines repaired and maintained by qualified personnel who are committed to the customer’s success.”

That commitment means that service personnel from Revolution Machine Tools will do everything they can to get each customer up and running when and where they are needed. RMT offers 24-hour phone or web-based meetings on most platforms and has a response time of 48 hours or less for onsite assessment and service.

RMT service engineers and technicians are based out of the company headquarters in North Salt Lake, Utah, as well as at their fully equipped shop in their warehouse in Augusta, Georgia. As of this writing, the current RMT service team consists of the following personnel:

  • Bryan Walker | Service Manager/EE (Electrical Engineer) | Bryan has 20 years of experience in the machine tech industry and spends most of his time—three weeks per month—out in the field working on machines.
  • Seth Chambers | Technician (Augusta) | Seth has 11 years of experience as a machine service technician.
  • Sam Fetzer | Technician | A former Airforce S.E.R.E instructor, Sam is an electrical engineering student with four years of experience as a service tech. Sam also has a Cad Cam Associates Cert.
  • Engin Cukurtas | EE (Augusta) | Engin came to RMT from a major machine tool OEM. He has 10 years in the machine tools industry and is employed by RMT as a field technician.
  • Karl Keene | Technician (Augusta) | Karl has 7 years of experience as a machine technician.
  • John Sanborn | Technician (Augusta) | John has 10 years of experience as a machine tool technician.
  • Jaime Anaya | Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology Applications | Jaime came to RMT from a large machine OEM. An excellent machinist, Jaime oversees RMT’s R&D department.
  • JD Stout | Machinist | With a Machinist Associates 2-year degree and cert., JD came to RMT from the small arms industry and has a year of experience as a service technician.
  • Derek Woolever | Technician | Derek has 8 years of experience as an aircraft technician and joined RMT from the Hill Air Force Base F-22 maintenance wing. He has two years of experience as a machine technician.
  • Dylan Holsonback | Technician (Augusta) | Dylan has two years of trade school education in welding and five years of experience as a machine technician.

Some RMT Service Testimonials

While the credentials of the service techs at Revolution Machine Tools speak volumes about their qualifications, the proof of their abilities are found in the many customer testimonials that are submitted, of which the following is a small selection:

“They come out and they are snap on the job whenever we need service on their equipment or even other people’s equipment. So, we really enjoy working with these guys, and I enjoy the relationship I have with their sales office, and our shop really likes working with their service department.” – Russ Maughan of Rocky Mountain Steel.

“We’ve had quite the learning curve [with a new RMT B-GENIUS 10-150 6-axis CNC press brake], but RMT’s been there to help us every step of the way. We’re up and running with it now, and any time we have a question, we give them a call, and they are right out to help us, whether it’s a phone call or actually being here. They’ve been great to work with.” – Aaron Garce of TeraFlex, an automotive parts company.

“They’re good. Anytime there’s a problem—there’s only been one or two problems—and they’re straight on it. We had one small problem with the machine, and they sent their tech out and he solved it in a heartbeat.” – Jared Rea of Austral Star, a metal fabrication company focusing on baggage lifts and cranes.

“RMT came, and they installed this [RMT KYSON fiber laser] for us, and they did a wonderful job…. Something that was really good, that I appreciated from RMT, was that they were always on the phone with me when I needed help… we’d get all of my questions answered.” – Jared Braithwaite of CBI Offroad Fab

“RMT’s design background, their knowledge, their service, and dependability—that’s what made me decide to switch all my business over to them. All my main equipment is now RMT equipment. Plus, if something breaks, they will come and take care of it.” – Doug Metz of Specialty Metal Fab

“It’s tough to make satisfied customers in this industry. RMT will go and they’ll help you get your machine back up and running.” – Brad Kalmar of Kalco Laser, a metal cutting shop.

Your Choice for Quality Service

Whether you need troubleshooting, a repair, an upgrade, or retrofitting, Revolution Machine Tools is your best choice for rapid, high quality machine service. They also specialize in helping customers avoid needing to call them in an emergency by offering competitive preventative maintenance plans to keep equipment running at peak efficiency.

Avoid costly downtime by calling the Service Team at RMT today and learning what they can offer you.

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