South Korea Station, let’s go! Looking forward to meeting you at the New Sky Laser Korea Exhibition!

Xintian Laser will participate in the 2023 Busan International Machinery Exhibition from May 16 to 19, 2023. This exhibition focuses on the development of the mechanical industry, connecting the supply and demand sides of the industry, closely following the latest industry trends in the mechanical processing market, showcasing automation equipment and smart factory solutions, and promoting the integration of global mechanical manufacturing with the intelligent era. As a global professional provider of laser industrial application solutions, Xintian Laser will showcase its star products GP2580, including the Megawatt Laser Cutting Machine, T220 Professional Pipe Cutting Machine, and Fully Automatic Laser Welding Machine at the exhibition, showcasing “China’s Intelligent Manufacturing”!

Hard core equipment is born for quality

10000 watt high-power large-area fully enclosed laser cutting machine

20000W high-power laser cutting machine, capable of achieving 160m/min overspeed cutting, meeting 99% of metal material processing needs, rich human-machine interaction interface, simple operation, and easy to get started; Dual motor exchange workbench, high-power dedicated intelligent cutting head, fully enclosed laser protective glass design, precise positioning, efficient production, is the most cost-effective 10000 watt fiber laser cutting machine.

Processing sample display

Pipe laser cutting machine

Equipped with a dedicated cutting operation system, circular pipes, rectangular pipes, square pipes, and irregular pipes can be cut at will, and can be paired with automatic or semi-automatic feeding to easily achieve automated production and save human resources. Precision pneumatic chuck, efficient and stable, with a positioning accuracy of ± 0.03mm. The bed is welded with heavy-duty square tubes, ensuring long-term cutting without deformation.

Processing sample display

Fully automatic laser welding machine

Adopting high-quality fiber laser, excellent beam quality, maintenance free, photoelectric conversion rate greater than 30%, and pump source service life greater than 100000 hours. High speed laser welding can increase by 5 to 10 times compared to traditional welding machines. It can perform spot welding, butt welding, overlap welding, seal welding, etc. on workpieces, and the machine power can be extended to 12000 W, meeting the needs of thick plate welding and online flight welding.

Processing sample display

The “light” color constantly shines in Busan

Xintian focuses on lasers, and lasers create greatness. During the exhibition, Xintian Laser will launch exciting activities and offer surprise gifts. Multiple models will enjoy special pricing policies during the exhibition period, and more benefits will be provided at the Xintian booth. We look forward to a wonderful meeting with you!

The summer flowers are brilliant, and the exhibition arrives as scheduled

Busan International Machinery Exhibition, South Korea

Exhibition time: May 16th to May 19th, 2023

Exhibition location: Busan Convention and Exhibition Center, South Korea

Booth number: E-06

Xintian Laser and you, see you and never part!

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